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thanks for stopping neck pain

I was so fed up every morning waking up with neck ache-tried heat patches -cream anything I could lay my hands on .Then tried ridged pillow from Physioroom. after two days I noticed my neck pain had gone.Just shows alot of pain can be due to the way you lay at night.wont go anywhere now without this pillow.so grateful as it was becoming a chronic situation-would recommend this pillow to anyone with same problem



I have already told my facebook freinds about this product.For a long while now I have felt vulnerable walking my two dogs in secluded areas.I have on many occasions got lost in forests and wooded areas and had to ask people how to find my way back to the entrance I originally came in.On one desperate occasion in the middle of a deep wood I had to ask a man walking (without a dog) how to get home.He insisted on walking with me to show me where to go.I realse now this was not good idea even tho I had my two dogs for protection ,how would I know what their reaction would be if he attacked me.As it was he didnt and chances are he was a decent person helping a lady in distress.Still it could have been a different scenario. For ages now my family have been on at me to take more care walking out alone .At last I definately feel a little more safe after purchasing my SELF DEFENCE MARKER SPRAY for lone walks.Apart from the red dye it sprays perhaps if I did have to use it against an unknown perpertrator they might think its a gas spray I am weilding at them!!better to feel safe than sorry.

26 March 2013

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Yes these certainly work Jayne, keep safe!

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Jayne Walden
Female, 1947
Fleet, United Kingdom


I am widowed(hate that word) once married to an ex proffesional footballer.I miss him very much.we were together 47 years-we used to love walking in the countryside where we live.I have an English Pointer who is gorgeous and handsome and a collie who is a nutty as a friut cake.Now I am on my own, walking is a great therapy.It gives you time to think and I go out twice a day.If I had to go back in time it would be the sixties when I was at Art College.I think our country has changed beyond recognition,I wish it were different.I dont like it very much to be honest