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Customer Service?

I placed an order for a dvd box, but then decided to cancel, this became a bit of a farse as knowone seemed to know how to deal with this enquiry, and when calling to sort this the staff didnt seem to have any customer service skills, e.g please, thank you etc! I have received my refund in the end, but customer service is a must for me and there wasnt any on this occasion.

I have since recieved an email back explaining what had happened to sort my cancelled order, as much as i appreciate that this was done, it doesnt matter how much the item is, you always need to keep the customer happy, and all i mentioned was that anyone that answers the phone should be a bit more curtious towards the person on the end of the phone! If you cant take what people say on these reviews then dont ask the customer to write one. Its all ment to help you as a company.

18 March 2013

Reply from 3000rpm

Hi there

you placed the order and it was packed and in mail bag to be sent out the same day

you called and asked to cancel order and the parcel had already left, we managed to drive to royal mail and get parcel back and refund the money to you

you called up and spoke to around 3 staff members within 1 hour and we explained the situation

you got your full refund also

the order was for one dvd case worth 50p and we went out of our way to help you resolve the issues and it was myself who spoke to you on the phone and sorted the whole issue

can you please call me to explain what the issue was

thank you

dale summerton
01382 206400

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