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Wex Photographic

Small items of low cost need a different postage system, it is too expensive

I have ordered two items recently, which were small and of low cost, but WEX do not have a lower, less hassle, system for posting these items.
They are sent, to be signed for, with a minimum cost of £2.99. The item in this order cost £2.99.
This is nonsense and I would not have ordered it from WEX if I could have found the item with another supplier.
I order frequently from "Premier-Ink" as they have a reliable, eminently sensible system, for all their stock which costs £1.99 and is sent normal 1st. class Royal Mail and I always receive the items next day.
A cheaper, quicker, simpler system than WEX.

Glasses Direct

Excellent fast, service very good deals

This was the first time I have ordered glasses online, and it was a very good introduction. I had been unable to find the shape of frame I wanted in our high street shops, but found what I liked on Glasses Direct website.
The main feature that made me order from them was the free 7 day frame trial, essential in my opinion, as you need to check that they suit and that they fit.
I had the free single vision lenses fitted, as I am still nervous about buying Varifocals online as I have had bad experiences from some high street chain opticians.
Now I have the frames I am taking them to my local trusted, independent, optician to buy the varifocal lenses as I can check them on site, and need not accept them if they are wrong. They will cost more but I felt this was the best compromise for me at the moment.


Do not trust this company, they do not tell you when you are on backorder.

I will never order from this company again. They are untrustworthy, you place your order, it goes from "pending" to "acknowledged" ? What in heaven's name does that mean ??
I phoned and asked, it sounded like the person answering was moving his lunch off his keyboard. He never answered my question but said he would call back and tell me about my orders. No phone call but an email much later telling me when I might expect my order.
At no time was I informed that my items were on backorder, this was to stop me canceling and going with another company, with whom I would have got the item sooner. I will never order from a company that is not upfront - when will they learn.


Do not sign up. They have no "unsubscribe" link and they keep your card details live.

Dealing with this company is like something out of "1984". Once you have signed up you cannot change your mind and cancel your account, you have to wait for 1 year ! until your subscription runs out.
There is no unsubscribe link so you cannot stop their spam and they keep your card details on the website in your personal details page.
I was not happy with this when I saw it and tried to close my account YOU CAN'T !
Dreadful set up they just send you preformed Q&A so it is very difficult to contact a human being.
Will never use them again and will warn off family and friends.


Fast delivery via Royal Mail. approx. 30% cheaper than Boots ( inc. delivery )

I ordered the item from, but I did not trust their delivery, so within an hour I ordered the same item from Pharmacy2U as they use Royal Mail.
I received both items next day but the Boots delivery was via a huge DPD truck and cost £4.75, a ridiculous waste of resources for a small packet of tablets.
The order from Pharmacy2U cost £3.75 for next day and the item was 64p cheaper.
I know where I will be ordering from in future.


Avoid ! They blame YOU for THEIR mistakes !

Update to my "AVOID !" review. They blamed me for the fact that the order dispatch note and the parcel only had the last half of my address.
I have printed out their first communication regarding my order in the form of an Order Request, which clearly has my full, complete and accurate address under billing information AND delivery information.
The next emails from them was the order confirmation and dispatch information, which contained the incomplete address.
So between order request (which proves I filled in the forms correctly) and order confirmation, my address lost its first two lines.
After an investigation by a senior customer services person 8 days later I was told that I had filled in the address field wrong, how could that be if it was correct on their order request email ??
I was given a "goodwill" partial refund but they have not addressed my point about THEIR mistake as I have had no emails since I sent evidence that it was their mistake.
I have spent a great deal of time and energy on this as I think it is appalling that companies get away with shoddy service and then blame the customer.
I still say AVOID ! I for one will never use them again. There are much better less dysfunctional companies out there that deserve our custom.
Appalling, stressful, experience, they only put the last half of my address on a valuable delivery. It was only because an intelligent City Link courier remembered my name from a delivery two days before, that it got to me at all.
I sincerely regret buying from them and hope what I bought does not break down, I would have to instigate a dispute through my card company as they would ignor the problem. I will never buy from them again.
If you get an email from them at all it will be too late and not address the proble
They are the worst company I have ever ordered from in many years of internet shopping. AVOID, AVOID, AVOID

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Efficient service, good products

The buying experience was good and the website fairly easy to navigate. My order was despatched in reasonable time and packaged well. I did find the P&P charges high, but this is the price you pay for Royal Mail and I will only order from companies that use Royal Mail as they are one of the very few services that can find our address. The choice of products is good but more choice would be even better.

MPB Photographic

Excellent service and fair trade in prices

Very well organised system for buying in, very polite emails answered promptly and in a friendly manner. I new I could get more for my gear selling it other ways but I did not have the time and I was pleased with the quote I got from MPB which was fair seeing as they are resellers. I am also impressed that they check and test the equipment and will keep an eye on their stock as I would have no hesitation in buying from them.

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