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The 11.6" Inferno - Small and Mighty! An unregretable purchase!

A friend of mine recommended PC Specialist to me when I was looking for a new system earlier this year. The laptops I had looked at in the shops just weren't providing me with all the features I needed for a reasonable price. Said friend assured me that using PC Specialist would allow me to have complete confidence in the custom build. So with some careful decision making I placed the order, and excitedly watched the order updates each day. I was absolutely astonunded with the level of customer care and the involvement I had with receiving updates of the laptop's progress. The speed at which the machine was built and dispatched to me was brilliant. A precise balance between the machine being crafted with perfect care yet not keeping me waiting for too long. (I was seriously like a child at Christmas waiting for the dispatch!) So in terms of the order process upto the dispatch date, I'd give PC Specialist a 10/10. Now onto review the actual machine itself:

The Inferno is an absolutely fantastic machine that packs more punch than any other laptop, I've ever used. It's frame is lightweight, sturdy and sits well on any surface. Its size makes it easy to carry in a laptop bag without weighing it down or moving around inside.
In terms of the keyboard, it is comfortably responsive with nice, springy keys that don't need much pressure on, resulting in fluid consistency in typing documents.

The function and speed of the Inferno is absolutely amazing. It's incredibly responsive, booting in less than ten seconds. The SSD drive is an absolute dream, making the machine run completely silent and providing pleasing results at the same time. There's no vibration, no whirring and barely any heat coming from the machine, even after hours of use. The Inferno opens programmes seamlessly and can take a great amount of programmes running. It has not frozen once. I am yet to start gaming on the Inferno, but I have no doubt whatsoever that it will provide outstanding results and the ultimate power and performance. A most certainly small and mighty machine!

The high quality video and THX sound is absolutely out of this world. No word of a lie, the first night I had it I could have sat up all night and watched all my favourite movies and music videos in glorious HD and cinema sound. I am excited to see how well this enchances the gaming experience. Superb!

Other features included in the Inferno are all of the highest standard. The battery life of the machine can go for hours on end, the best battery I've had in any laptop! The power cable is nice and long and charges efficiently without obstructing the the laptop on various surfaces. The Samsung external DVD-RW drive works in perfect alliance with the Inferno, providing high quiality media playback. All the USB ports and the SD card slot are in all the right places and respond quickly and smoothly when working with other components, media being recognised first time, everytime.

My only complaint about the inferno would be that the touchpad is incredibly sensitive and often gets confused. Even with the slightest added pressure, the cursor will become the page scroller/magnifier when it is not required. This is quite irritating, but just takes some care to avoid. I am yet to find how to disable this feature, as I feel it is unnecessary.

Overall, the Inferno is one of the best purchases I have ever made. The highlights of the purchase being the professional order process, build time, the dispatch time and the level of communication and the involvement with the customer during this period. It is a very powerful machine that is easy to use, quick, reliable, smooth and delivers stunning quality in audio and video.

I will certainly use PC Specialist again. They are a very understanding, professional and honest company. As for the Inferno, I must say, that it is an amazing laptop that can provide something for everyone. Many thanks PC Specialist!

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