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2009 Vw passat estate 2.0

Got this car in November and it was working fine for six weeks. Then, breakdown late at night from a wedding on a roundabout the car would not go into gear at all. After waiting for two hours I was towed home. The next day I had to arrange for the car to be towed to carcraft in Leeds, but carcraft had no courtesy cars available so I was left without a car.... I used my car for work And caused me many problems, with having no car I had to make the commute on the train. After two days got the car back I had to get the train to Leeds to get it. And they said they out a new clutch in and the problem was sorted. The car was fine for one more day then suddenly it popped out of gear on the motorway and I could not get it into gear at all. The rac came and they could not fix the car on the road side. So it had to be towed to Leeds again. This meant I had to arrange a lift to get me home because I was without a car again. After two more days they had fitted the car again... Or so they say. I took the train to pick the car up. The gear was very stiff. And the gears 5 and r was not working. At this point I had enough and got rid of the car. I was more than disappointed with the 'service' from carcraft. Three attempts to fix the car and they fail. LET THIS BE A WARNING TO ANYONE THAT READ THIS THAT THE CAR MAY LOOK OKAY ON THE SERVICE BUT UNDERNEATH ALL THE SMALL PRINT THERE PROBLEMS THAT LAY WITHIN THE COMPANY. EXPENSIVE, BUT POOR QUALITY CARS AND SERVICE.


Well what a company

I brought items and got double of everything from next and got it delivered to my house. Returned all of the items that was cloned because it would cost me. Went to a next store to return the items. When I waited for a few days nothing when into my account called them to find out that there no evidence of me returning all my items. I gave them the receipt number and was like oh yes you did return it and there be the refund. I then waited for 30 days nothing in my bank account so I called them again and they said oh what happens is the money stays on your online account unless you say you want it on your debit card. How cheeky was that. Making interest on my money while not bothering to tell me about it. The customer service team are either really good or so annoying that you want to hang up. I will never buy anything from next again. Robbed in daylight. Never going to do business with them again.

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