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PC Specialist Ltd

PC Specialist is a good company and I suck at catchy headers.

PC Specialist made getting a new PC very easy, especially for someone like me, who's never had to deal with buying a computer before. The website's interface was very clear and allowed me to easily find the place I was looking for.

Buying a custom PC was remarkably easy. There was detailed information about each component in the computer, so I was able to tune the specs to my needs and budget without a problem. The website even let me know that the PSU I was buying was unnecessarily powerful (and expensive) for the job, and gave me information on the total watts my system would use (plus the 20% allowance for times when the computer needed more juice). Additionally, there were a lot of different options for many of the components (depending on what they had in stock).

Ordering and paying for the PC was a standard process, no problems there.

When the PC arrived, everything worked. I immediately installed the Steam games I had yet to play (they weren't compatible with the old Macbook I was using) and they ran perfectly. I was still a little nervous when the PC arrived, and missed the sticker on the side of the case that had my Windows activation key. I went to the PC Specialist forums to ask where the activation key was and received good information from the members there in a very short time. I also called PC Specialist in my panic, to find out what the key was and a very polite (and very patient) man told me.

I was so scared about owning a PC, but this company has made things very easy for a noob like me, so they have my recommendation!

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