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Used twice Sent 6 parcels in total, no major complaints

I've twice used Myhermes, and my experience has overall been ok, however plenty of room for improvement. I thought I'd share my experiences.
First time I used them I was sending a coffee machine and netbook computer. After checking out I was instructed to print-out the labels attach them to the parcels and take them to my local drop off shop, my car was in the garage at the time, so I carefully cycled with them right across Exeter to the local shop where I was instructed to go. However when I got there, they said the larger of the 2 parcels was too big and they wouldn't be able to take it, This parcel weighed 9.2KG well within 15KG limit, no mention of this on the website! Also the girl in the shop informed me that her colleague, who worked the night before, had forgotten to put the hand-held unit on charge. So they'd not be able to scan in the 1 item they were prepared to take, she seemed genuine and asked if I still wanted to leave it, I agreed and I left her my phone number so she could phone me if there was any problems. Anyway I left the shop with the coffee machine got back on my bike and cycled right across Exeter to an industrial estate, where the other drop off shop was located. They fortunately were able to take the item, had cards available and had a working scanner!
The tracking was pretty poor on both items, infact on the first item, the item was apparently dropped off in 2006, I'm assuming this was because the handheld unit had run out of battery, and then had not been setup again with the date and time, The girl in the shop though did phone me out of courtesy and informed me the item had been scanned in and had subsequently been picked up.

My second experience was a little better but again not perfect, this time I was sending 4 items, so again printed off labels, attached them, went to drop off shop, this time just outside Wakefield. Got there and was told they had no more cards, I think these cards are confirmation of receipt, so I said I was happy for her to take them as she could scan them in without the cards. Apparently though the cards need scanning too, and the parcels cannot be scanned without them.

Again the lady seemed very genuine and was very apologetic, she said that the chap who picks up the parcels would be here shortly with new cards. I wasn't prepared to wait around for him though, the lady made some phone calls and was told I could drop off the parcels without getting the cards so long as I was happy, I was relatively happy, so thats what I chose to do, again leaving my number. About 30mins later I got a phone call from the shopkeeper saying Gary (the myhermes guy) had picked up all the parcels and everything was fine.

So all in all my experiences have not been perfect, but there's been much goodwill and honesty. All of my items were delivered within 3 days and 1 item was delivered the following day.

To sum up, myhermes is a great idea and theoretically a great business model in providing a quality low-cost courier service, however everything within the process line needs to run smoothly for it to work, and I fear this won't happen, as long as just regular newsagents, one stop shops and the like are offering this service, focus on myhermes customers will be compromised, as all these places offer the service as a side-line type operation alongside a whole host of other things. Please Myhermes prove me wrong. I will in the meantime stick with them, as my experience has not been awful enough to make me not want too, also the price is great.

You may wonder why the 5 stars, this is because in no way do Myhermes deserve such a bad overall score, and most people with average experiences are not going to leave feedback. Also I feel for the individuals within the company that try hard to make it work.

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