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Only interested in sales

I bought a pay as you go mobile from the store (not online) and when I said I didn't want a contract with phone the guy just wanted rid of me. I went back to purchase the mobile as it was a very good deal and was the cheapest I could get the handset on the network I wanted at a pay as you go price. The service was quick for this although they did try and push sim only contract on me.

I had a problem with the handset and contacted the manufacturer. Because the handset was a day old they told me to take it back to the shop for a replacement. I did so and the guy who originally served me quickly passed me onto another girl when he found out I wanted an exchange.

Well it took forever to go through everything. I had to speak to another person on the phone, then go and try the new handset. there was no signal in the shop (knew this from purchase) so I had to go outside the shopping centre with the sales assistant and my newborn baby and try to input passwords etc into a new mobile. Of course it worked fine and got the replaced handset after about 50mins. The guy on the phone just did not want to seem to authorise it although my one was faulty.

This was highly stressful as I was in a hurry as my baby would be wakening soon. I had explained to the guy on the phone I'd been through all troubleshooting with the manufacturer and had a fault reference number with them but he couldn't have cared less.

The girl in the shop was very nice and can't fault her, but really why would the first guy just pass me over as he then went on to serve someone else (obviously he just wanted sales)


quick and easy

I used this site as I'd seen it recommended for money saving tips from various sources. I've had a credit card for a long time and have been paying off monthly instalments, but not getting far due to the high interest rates.
I decided finally to do a balance transfer and the deal for this card was brilliant. 16 months interest free credit for balance transfers.
It was simple to use, I got a quick decision and the card came quickly along with the balance being transferred from my old card.

If you do decide to do this be wary on the 0% interest for purchases as this only lasts for 3 months. If you balance transfer £1000 and purchase something at £300, for the first 3 months any payments you put in will go towards the £1000 and then you'll start paying interest on the £300



I bought a baby warma from this company as I was taking my 6wk old baby to swim lessons. The suit is a wetsuit material that is very easy to put on.

I needed the order very quickly and they offer next day delivery for orders before 1pm. It was after 1pm when I noticed the website so I gave them a call using the number of the website. I was able to order my order over the phone and it did arrive the next day. The girl who took my order was lovely and was able to explain the different sizes etc to me.

I will use this site again for when I need a larger size and would recommend this to everyone.


good quality, easy to use

I've had a couple of photo books from this company. The quality was excellent. I upgraded the paper and hardcover finish but it cost very little to do so. The site was simple to use and the price is good. They also have some great offers.

I've had really positive feedback as I created a wedding album and alot of people think its been professionally done.

I will definitely use this company in the future. The orders have arrived within the time period they state.


Brilliant quality, quick and affordable

I used this for personal cards with photo's on them. The website was easy to use. I uploaded multiple photo's onto a card and had my own personal message inside. The only flaw is that you get charged for every uploaded photo you use (so a card with 5 photo options on it is actually dearer than advertised) This isn't too much of a problem as you know how much your spending before you confirm your order.

the cards arrived very quickly and are great quality.

Only downside is the amount of emails I've had since. They're continuously filling up my inbox with 'special' offers. This would put me off using them as it is really annoying but if I need something along these lines again I will use them.


simple, reliable

I've used this website for approx 10years now. Its simple to use and every order has arrived with no problems. The delivery time has now lengthened as to what it used to be. It can take 4 or 5 days for some items to come whereas it used to be much quicker. Also I've had pre-orders that don't arrive on the day they're released. I will continue to use this company but won't for items I'm in a hurry to get



I flew belfast to liverpool return and had no problems whatsoever. I arrived early for my return flight and went to the customer services desk and they were able to put me on an earlier flight for no extra cost. Obviously this would only be available if there are spaces but it was easy and quick to do. (I was in liverpool for a business trip that ended early)
I've used this airline quite often and what you opt for when booking is what you get. I do like the speedy boarding but it is quite costly. I've been lucky as I've never had a delay as I've always arrived at the stated time. Will continue to use this airline.


easy, quick and reliable

I've used this service quite often and there's good choice with delivery slot. My order has always been correct and arrived within the correct time.

The two differences I would make would be for a text message to come with a more precise delivery time as 2hours can be quite long and other shops offering a similar service give shorter time slots and also show offers for the correct delivery date as if you are ordering near to the end date of offers they don't count if its next day. Other shops offer this service


easy and reliable

I use the website to reserve my product and pick it up in store. I've never been failed by it and if it isn't in the store I wish it shows me the other local ones or I can order it in.
Brilliant for reserving items that are on sale and very easy to use.


good coverage, sometimes not so good customer service

I've had mainly good service from O2, the network coverage is good in Northern Ireland but can cut out at my home. Must be the network as I've tried 3 different handsets.
Customer service is normally good, can be a bit awkward with certain things like changing my name as I got married and offering different deals. My husband got a very different deal when upgrading than I got.
I'll prob stick with O2 as my husband and many friends are on this network but will probably avoid contracts with the mobile phone as with most of the companies now the prices are shocking and I would definitely not want to keep the same phone for 24months. They wouldn't consider changing contract until the 30 days notice so I'll just buy a pay as you go.

Mazuma Mobile

excellent, quick and simple

I sent in 3 mobiles and the order process was simple and easy to use. I got my envelope on the next day and posted the 3 mobiles in the one envelope a couple of days later. I took it into the post office and got a receipt though postage was free.
I got the email the next day confirming they'd received my order and then another email a few hours later stating my payment had been posted. I received the cheque the next day and it cleared in my account as normal with cheques
Will definitely use this site again if I have more spare mobiles.

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