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A BIG FAT ZERO in product quality and customer service

My review is not too original. It reiterates pretty much what many other customers have said before in this and other forums about Sofa Sofa: STAY WELL CLEAR OF THIS COMPANY!!!

Just please allow me to contribute to this forum my own version of their FAQs:

Q1. Why are our prices so low? (they ask…)

My answer: Simply because their products are of very poor quality.

I bought 2 two-seater sofas from this Company a few years ago. The model was “Valencia” with loose covers.

The seat and back cushions were described on the website as made of “hollow fill fibre”.

In reality, all the cushions looked like a pancake when anything heavier than a mosquito sat on them. They were so uncomfortable and they looked so dreadful, that I had to get all 8 cushions redone by a fantastic Company in Dorset that made the replacements to measure and filled the cushions with the best quality foam with a 10-year guarantee. The re-upholstered cushions cost me almost as much as the sofas, but they were worth every penny and they are the only reason why we are still using these 2 sofas.

As for the fabric, it was advertised as “100% cotton jacquard fabric, fully removable and washable at up to 40'C.”. The reality was that the covers could not be washed even at 30’C w/o shrinking to a fraction of their size. Plus they faded a lot and even started to shred on a couple of places after just a few gentle washes w/o spin (and this gave me the problem I describe below…).

Q2. Can I trust you? (they ask…)

My answer: NO!!!

My sofas were provided by “Divani” one of the several “sister companies” that advertise as part of Sofa Sofa. But my covers were delivered by “Oakridge” (another sister…). Please note that if you contact this people to inquiry about the delivery of your product, or if you want to (Oh, how dare you!) complain, they will expect YOU to know who sent the product (or they won’t be able to find your order), even though they’re all part of the same group.

When I recently ordered (yet another…) replacement cover for the sofas it took a month and a half to arrive and turned up “unannounced”. Unfortunately, when it arrived I was ill, so I didn’t have the chance to check it for a week and a half after the delivery. Then I noticed I had ordered the wrong size. I called Sofa Sofa straight away and was informed that I was set to lose the initial delivery charge + the collection charge + the credit card charge (Total £30 for a £109 purchase). Even when I offered to swap the original item for 2 (!) replacements covers, they insisted I would still have to pay ALL those charges.

You should be aware that this people charge a flat rate of £10 for credit card purchases, regardless of the value of the item. This not only contravenes a recent OFT guideline from Dec 2012, but will (hopefully...) be downright illegal when European proposals that will force companies to make these surcharges cost-reflective become law mid-2014. (See for more on this.)

Which? says businesses incur costs of about 20p on debit card transactions and about 1.8% of the transaction for payments by credit card. In my case, Sofa Sofa charged me EIGHT % of the transaction as a credit card fee. If, for example, you were to order a pair of arm caps or cushions @ £11 and pay by credit card, Sofa Sofa would charge you 90.9% of the purchase in “credit card fees”. That is, you must pay through the nose to be able to pay to a company with which you can only do business *online*.

Q3. What happens if I don't like the furniture? (they ask…)

My answer: You’re stuck.

When I called their so-called customer services and tried really hard to still make my purchase w/o losing £30 of hard earned cash for an honest mistake, they insisted that I had agreed to their T&C and that was the end of it.

Please beware: This people claim on their Website they’re the “largest direct selling furniture manufacturer” and they “now count our customers in the millions.“ So they hear you say that you don’t like their product(s) and/or their service... SO WHAT? You tell them they’re about to lose you as a customer…. SO WHAT? They’ll tell you to go ahead and take a jump as they’ll still have MILLIONS of other unsuspecting customers buying from them.

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