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Selection so big it's... overwhelming

The thing I love about is that it makes me homesick for home. I spent most of my childhood in Korea, and so am more accustomed to the Asian (especially Korean) styles presented by the website than U.S. retailers and their restrictive styles. It's great to have such a huge database of clothing options to browse through via YesStyle — almost too much.

This brings me to my biggest qualm about YesStyle, which is the search function. I'm not sure how exactly the search function is configured, but I find that it's hard to filter for the qualities I'm looking for in whatever item it is I'm wanting to find. Sample 1 of this is typing in, say, "parka orange fur" — it seems as if the site's search function searches for the exact phrase, thus generating no hits. Sample 2 is the fact that if I were searching for "furry parka," I can't ask the search function to only search within the "Outerwear" category of the "Women" category — the search function only accesses the general parent categories.

Other than that, the only other thing I'd really desire out of YesAsia is more description by individual brands dedicated to their items of clothing. During my most recent purchase, I happened to be looking for new winter outerwear, and I remember having somewhat of a difficult time looking for the thickness of wool coats, or even whether a down jacket was padded or not.

I didn't have a problem with clothing sizes, but I found the quality on items to vary by brand. Also, can I say deceptive photos? I don't think the images of the clothing were always highly accurate nor did they always depict what you really receive in the mail.

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