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Great service

This is the second time I have used etyres. They came to my work at the agreed time, the mechanic was curtious and polite and completed the job in about 25 minutes. Quick, easy and no fuss.

Mazuma Mobile

Paid what they offered

Sold my Galaxy S3. They quoted me £100 for my phone. I sent it off and half expected them to knock me down as there were some marks on the back casing but they paid me the money they quoted straight into my account within 24 hours. Great service, I will definately use them again.

Kybotech Limited

Product OK, but incredibly poor customer service

Below is the e-mail that I sent to kybotech. They have failed to respond to two e-mails and a phone call. it is now 26.7.13 and I still have not received an answer. Once they have your money they are not interested in resolving an issue.

Dear Sir/Madam

On Saturday 15th June I took delivery of a log cabin. This would have been great, however, the delivery was scheduled for Friday 14th June. I have bullet pointed events below-

Wednesday 12th June received a call informing of delivery. I was informed that delivery time would be in the afternoon on 14th June
I resourced labour (two men) to work from midday on the 14th June. This was to accept delivery and to transfer the cabin through to back garden.
Midday on 14th June - My workmen arrive to wait and deal with delivery
14th June @ 4.30pm. I am contacted by my wife to inform me that there is no sign of delivery.
14th June @ 5.00pm. My wife makes contact with your call centre, they are unable to make any contact with the driver to ascertain a delivery time. The call operator (Nikki) said she would call back on our contact number before the end of the working day
14th June @ 6.36pm. No further communication from your company so my wife contacts your call centre again and discovered it was closed. She tried several of the other numbers to discover that none of those were available. She then contacted sales dept at 6.38pm as this was the only line that was open. She spoke to a male member of your sales team and explained the situation. He checked the notes, they stated 'the customer was irate' and had called driver with no response. There was no note to try and call my wife back and update her of the situaution, when my wife commented on the poor service he stated 'the call centre staff are not interested in the business', he did add that you state on your website that deliveries can be delivered up until 7pm. It was pointed out that it virtually was 7pm and that the site did not state anything about moving deliveries to the following day without any notice. This call lasted for twenty three minutes (all your other numbers are 0800 but this is a chargable number), she was on hold for about ten of these whilst your team member attempted to contact the driver who seemed to have gone AWOL. She then got cut off. Your call handler then rang my number, the time of the call was about 7.02pm and left a message saying that the delivery would not be with us tonight and would be delivered at around 2pm the following day. I was unable to make contact when I phoned back a couple of minutes later.
The delivery did arrive at around 2pm on the 15th June

Can you answer the following questions-

At what point did your driver know that he would not be able to complete all his deliveries? Should he keep contact with your offices if things are not going to plan?
How many other deliveries did he not complete? I am assuming there were others due to the fact that he still did not arrive until 2pm the following day.
Why was the scheduling so far out, how can you get it so wrong?
What is your policy around contacting customers when you are unable to fulfill your obligations?
If you were the customer, how would you feel about the service we have received? What action you you expect to try and redeem the situation?
Why are you unable to contact your drivers?
Why did Nikki fail to call my wife back?
Is it true that your call centre staff are not interested in your business?
I am out of pocket due to you failing to deliver on the day indicated, how do you propose to rectify this?
Why do you ask for customer feedback at the time of payment, it is unlikely that there will be any serious issues at that point. I don't believe you are likely to get a full picture of the service you deliver if you are not getting feedback on the whole experience. I would clearly give you a different rating now if given the opportunity.

I would like these questions answered by a senior member of your business. I am happy to take a call if that is easier for you. My number is ****************

Cash 4 Phones

It's a con!

The price originally quoted for my iphone4 was £135. They sent me a revised offer of £53 as it had 'excessive wear and tear'. The phone was in good condition so all I can conclude from this is that they lure you in with what looks like a good offer and then try to beat you down as they then want £8.95 to sen it back! It only cost me £6.35 to send in the first place!!! I refused the offer and am waiting to hear back from them but my advice would be to steer well clear.

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