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I love my Twoo seat, no need for a double buggy!

I have a two year old and a new born and wanted a way to transport both baby's without buying another pram (essentially to save space and get more use out of our Bugaboo Bee). I don't drive so I go everywhere with the pram. Prior to getting the Twoo seat my two year old was standing on the buggy board but she would sometimes without warning jump off the board causing us have to stop suddenly resulting in a pile up on a busy pavement! She doesn't hop off when she's sitting on the Twoo seat even when we're at the shops where there's lots of temptation. For added security I put reins on the two year old and attach these to the buggy so she can't run away (as it's hard to put the break on quickly with the buggy board attached to the pram if I had to leave the pram momentarily to stop a toddler running off the pram might roll away this way the situation is avoided). Before getting the buggy board or the the Twoo seat I was transporting the toddler in the buggy and the baby in a sling meaning if she fell asleep whilst we were out I'd have to move her somewhere else upon return. My little one is now 7 weeks old now and it means I can go out for a walk with the baby in the pram and the older one in the Twoo seat and if the baby falls asleep prior to returning home I don't have to move her anywhere else. The only negative is the price as buying both the board and the seat is well over £100 and some might prefer a cheap double bubbly at that price.

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