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Extremely poor, slow and unprofessional customer service.

Logged into track my order from Photobox. which hadn't been updated in 5 days. The status read, "We are sorry, but it appears your parcel has been delayed. Please find details below". I proceeded to chat with a Customer Service rep on live chat to check why my parcel is delayed the rep replied as follows and the conversation went as per the below

(Yodel Rep)Nicky : 1:08:22 PM Ok your parcel was received into our sort center and has had no further scan since this needs to be cased with the sender as they can contact the sort center directly for you.
Amanda: 1:19:16 PM but its your sort centre you are the couriers surely you can advise me why my order is just sitting in your warehouse??
Nicky: 1:19:55 PM It needs to be looked into and I can't contact them.
Amanda: 1:23:13 PM so your company has no idea why there is an order just left sitting there in the sort centre, can you please explain how that makes logical sense??
Amanda 1:24:55 PM not sure if you understand my point here.... your warehouse, you are the courier yet you cannot tell me why my order is left sitting there? this is extremely poor customer service!
Nicky: 1:27:56 PM It doesn't but from the contact center here our systems link up to the depots directly but not the sort centers so I can't get a message to them for them to do a search to locate your parcel your sender had direct contact with them so they can do this for you.

All in all to sum this up.... I have never had such unprofessional, amateur dealings with a courier company. I regularly shop online so have dealt with quite a few companies all which have been pretty straight forward, if there is an issue with the delivery of my order they can explain. If you are dealing with myYodel just hope that there are no issues and you should be ok!

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