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Excellent prices, diabolical customer service.

Before you pass off the retailer because of a 2 star rating, stop and read this.

The retailer provides fantastic prices, and (usually) the delivery is on time, it's about average, no better nor worse.

However, if something goes wrong, the customer service is diabolical. If you want to cancel an order, one must 'ask permission' of the retailer to have it cancelled. This is at the retailer's convenience and NOT the consumers, it is incredibly annoying and I ended up with duplicate products because I was unable to cancel in time, because customer service didn't see it through in time.

Furthermore, I had ordered a CD which didn't work; I had to obtain a 'returns form', fill it in, buy a jiffy bag to return the product e.t.c, all very inconvenient! To add insult to injury, I never received my postage and packaging money back.

Finally, customer response time is terrible. You may have to send up to three or four messages to actually get their attention. What are these people doing all day? Probably responding to other complaints because the service is so piss poor.

To conclude, Zavvi strikes me as a retailer that is perfectly able to produce great prices and I shop with them for that, but their customer service really is diabolical and it doesn't exactly make the consumer have much faith in them.

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