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Not objective. Allows malicious reviews that are not relevant to customer service.

See this malicious review here from user Bill Carroll:

Since when it is acceptable to allow a review to stand for an order that is 4 years old because the ex client refused to pay for an additional service 4 years after the original order?

What kind of behavior is that TrustPilot?

I would say to companies looking to sign up to trustpilot to be very aware that disgruntled and bitter clients with an agenda can post anything they like for orders going back many years if you fail to service those clients for free now.

This is a ridiculous abuse TrustPilot. This malicious and vengeful review is to do with revenge for our refusing to supply additional service for free. For you to allow that to stand is a disgrace and it lowers the TRUST value of trustpilot.

Without have no Trust Pilot!

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27 March 2013

Reply from Trustpilot

Hello Simon,

Thanks for your feedback. It seems like an unfortunate situation between you and your customer.

Our quality and compliance work is focused on making sure that reviews are written by real customers, but the actual content in the review is the reviewer’s responsibility. We don’t judge whether the customer's story is fair, right or wrong - that's up to other consumers to evaluate.
By posting a reply you have already showed that your company is serious about the negative feedback. That adds trust in the eyes of other potential customers.

Best regards,
Joakim Ditlev


No Loyalty, Sharp Practice, Hidden Fees, Hold Deposits Back, Not Suitable For Small Busines!

My business has used Regus on and off for over 7 years. The last contract was at Abbey House Slough. We needed to get out December 2012 due to restructuring the business. We got an email just after the 3 month to end of contract point telling us of the small print where we had to now continue on till March. So, extra 3 months on top of the year contract. Sneaked that one in a treat they did.

They are still holding my deposit of nearly 3K. They have sneaked in a couple more clauses from their small print. 1st continuity. 3 months after the contract ends. You pay for something you don´t need. For 3 whole months after. Plus, they need to clean the office. That´s another big smash in the chops. Last I looked they were supposed to clean the office anyway. Now they are saying we have to deep clean the office. So all the time we were there they clearly were not cleaning the office properly. Crabby and dirty offices were not something we were supposed to be paying for but there you have it. They have said in not so many words, now you are gone we need to clean the office properly. Dirty people at Regus. Filthy offices!

So once they have scraped another 800 quid off my deposit I should be getting some of the money back. I won´t hold my breath though because they seem to have so many hidden clauses in their contract and little surprises for you at the end that I will probably end up owing them more money.

I offer this as a warning to anyone considering using Regus. Make sure you have a lawyer look at the small print. It will cost you less than the money they scam out of you at the end of the contract.

I expect someone will come on from "CUSTOMER CARE" now to say they are going to look into it. Well, if you believe they will do anything other than stone wall then you and your money will be easily parted by this outfit.

I have today reported them to Trading Standards and I will be be letting everyone I know that this company is not suitable for small businesses.

Regus is not a unique business model. Every reasonable sized town in the UK has serviced offices. You should make sure you visit any of these before you ever step foot in a Regus building.

This company is not suitable for small businesses.

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