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Overall very good, but a recent issues

I recently added 2 credit cards and the address update to my account. However, when I went to pay with the new added CC, I was declined not once but 3 times from the 1 card I chose to use. So, I went back into the account and thought I had fixed the problem and processed the transaction again. Transaction read successful and everything seemed to be fine. I went back and looked at the detailed transaction, (I highly recommend everyone does this) and noticed the monies was transferred out of my Bank Account instead of the CC I choose. Minutes later I called Paypal and come to find out the CC again declined the transaction. I clearly said to rep that I had not choose my bank account, and she said, "if a CC does not go through we default to your main source of payment, which in your case, is your BANK ACCOUNT.
Now, the transaction is okay, but I do not agree with particular type of business. If I clearly ask to use a particular CC and it is declined because of an address error or any other reason, then I should be notified or given the option of another payment type myself. In my opinion, ebay/paypal had no right to default a payment!!!!!!!!!
If ebay/payal wants their customers to fully know what's going on regarding payment policies, I suggest when adding the CC they clearly state that little bit of info.
If ebay/paypal does not chose to be part of the transparency act, then I have no other option but to delete my paypal account.

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