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Trust without knowledge is not trust at all!

The problem with Trustpilot is that they are not party to any of the transactions for which they host reviews.

These days a lot of payment solutions and online marketplaces have intergrated review systems where the details and validity of the transactions can be checked and a much higher degree of trust can be ascertained. I'm thinking Google Checkout ratings, Ebay ratings, Amazon seller ratings.

All those sites have some knowledge of what actually went on. Trustpilot has none. It's just a message board.

Because of this fundamental lack of knoweldge the reviews are always going to be riddled with fakes, both positive and negative. The concept is flawed and the site will die as people start putting their trust in the payment solution and marketplace sites.

The revenue aim of Trustpilot appears to be to allow disgruntled customers to post bad reviews so as to encoruage businesses to pay for the right to defend themselves. This will only work for as long as Trustpilot is respected itself.

I would suggest that this time has passed already!

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21 March 2013

Reply from Trustpilot


Thanks for your review and for sharing your opinion.

Trustpilot is an independent and open review platform, where you and any other consumer can share and read experiences from the companies you buy from.

It sounds like you don't trust our model - I'm sorry to hear that.
We have lots of processes running that constantly scan for suspicious reviews based on a vast number of parameters. In addition, we have a team of community supporters handling all reported reviews as quickly as possible. Any consumer or company can report a review for not following our guidelines, and we will investigate the issue to find out if the review was written by a real customer.

We can not issue guarantees that all reviews are written by real users, but Trustpilot only makes sense if consumers can trust what they read. So it's our no. 1 priority to make sure that the quality of reviews keep their high level.

Usually, we hear from consumers that it's more trustworthy to read reviews on an independent review platform as opposed to hosting them at the merchants' site.

I hope this explains things better.

Best regards,
Joakim Ditlev

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