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Why aren't the directors disqualified and jailed?

On July 2nd 2013, I ordered a Logitech Mouse from them and was quoted 7-9 working days for delivery but of course, when nothing arrived I phoned the company on July 16th and they promised to check what was happening to the order. The next day, I received an email stating that it would take a further 7-9 working days to receive my order and 46 seconds later another email quoting 10-14 days. In both cases there was no explanation whatsoever for the further delays.

I called them again the next day and asked for a proper explanation and none was forthcoming other than some gibberish about the mouse coming from a German warehouse but I told them that the post was not that slow!

I next Googled this company and discovered many critical websites and articles about others' experiences and immediately called them to cancel my order. The member of staff I spoke to suggested that the refund might take up to 30 days but I told him that was complete rubbish – they took the money out of my bank account quick enough – and I gave them three working days to refund the money, but they didn’t and so I have reported them to Watchdog and Birmingham Trading Standards, etc.

I have also asked my bank to recover my losses, which they have.

Many of the eulogies that have been left on this site about WAE+ are fake and everyone should take heed of the terrible experiences that genuine reviewers have had from this dreadful company. The company is also providing fake order IDs to create the illusion that the reviewer is a confirmed purchaser and you are strongly advised to ignore anything that appears to compliment these rogues.

Others have contacted Birmingham Trading Standards and Birmingham's mayor about what are probably this country's biggest rogue traders and there is no evidence of action - one wonders why they are so willing to see the City of Birmingham's reputation sullied.

When this review first appeared here, these crooks had a 5.4 rating, bolstered by their fake reviews, which was considered acceptable(!) but they are currently at 4.9, considered low and their website is "Down for Maintenance" and it's been a few days now since we have seen fake positive reviews here. I'm guessing that the villains have done a runner, not good news for those expecting refunds but good for anyone who might have considered using them; "Life's Good" for other potential victims, to quote the motto on one of the director's page on a certain social networking site but hopefully not too good for him.

In summary:

1. The company is rubbish
2. They already have stock emails that they send to aggrieved customers but which say nothing of any value
3. In all probability the company is in default to its own creditors.
4. They make a point of getting their stooges to write fake reviews here but the negative reviews are coming in so thick and fast that their rating is still tumbling.
5. It is strange that the Birmingham authorities appear to be turning a blind eye to WAE+'s shenanigans.
6. The website is down and the villains may have scarpered as the company was put into administration on 2 September 2013 and the assets(?) sold to a new owner " Ltd", probably the latest manifestation of the same crooks because a director of this company was employed by WAE+. Expect a brand new scamming website under a different name.
7. The latest business failure is Extak, which takes your money and then claims that a change of bank prevents refunds. These crooks really need to be arrested.
8. Still the fake reviews appear, like the eulogy from "Megan" from 25 October, when the company went bust nearly two months ago.
9. WAE+ is gone, there is nothing to avoid, and the directors have run off with the money.

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Don't Bother!

When my son's last computer was declared a write-off by Curry's, under the knowhow policy, we decided to replace it with a Mac on 31 December 2011 and when I was asked about whether I wanted to take out a new insurance policy, I agreed because I believed that I would get the same policy and same terms. Two days ago I went to Curry's so that they could arrange for the repair of the computer, which is now faulty and that is when I discovered that they had mis-sold their insurance and has sold me a lesser policy with a 28-day turnaround instead of the expected 10 days and no loan machine as an interim measure.

I took the computer home and phoned knowhow to arrange for a collection today and they agreed to provide a loan computer - not part of the policy that they had mis-sold to me - which would occur as soon as one became available.

The computer should have been collected today, by 11.55, but when it was not, I contacted Knowhow when I discovered that the driver had just been given a street name for the address, but no number, and that the telephone number given to the driver was incorrect, so he could not contact me. As far as collection today was concerned, the van was no longer close enough to my address to collect the computer.

After large doses of empathy from the member of staff who spoke to me and repeatedly tellingly me that there was nothing more that could be done, after she had updated the system to ensure that the same incorrect information is not given to another driver and I was then put through to a member of staff on the bookings side, Neil. I started to explain the problem, was not rude but still angry and then he hung up on me!

I then called back, spoke to customer service again, who steadfastly refused to let me speak to one of their supervisors - still oozing empathy - and after trying to put me through to repair bookings, they told me that the system had gone down, that there was no indication as to when it would be up again and promised me a call back - within 24 hours!

On the assumption that this information was as unreliable as everything else I had had from this organisation, I decided to call them back and was told the system would be back up by 2.00 pm, which is also cut-off time for a next-day collection. Not choosing to believe this either, I called them back at 1.40 pm, to find that the system was working, if creaking. Initially, the person I spoke to was reluctant to act because I had been promised a call-back but eventually she booked the computer for collection tomorrow.

I then decided it would be a good idea to check my details on the system and found that it was still incorrect, despite the fact that customer services had updated the record. But how could this be? Yes, you've guessed it, they operate two different systems, updating the customer service system has no effect on the system used for repair bookings.

As I write this, there are still no computers available for loan, so what are the chances that one will materialise? rather slim I would say.

This is a nightmare as far as service is concerned but to my son even more so, as he needs the computer because he is studying computer science at university.

I would like to say that this will now run smoothly - with the predicted 7-day turnaround time for the repair to be effected - but given what has already occurred, I see no grounds for optimism and will likely be back here soon.

The true measure of an organisation is how it behaves and what it does when things go wrong. I teach customer service and customer care skills and have awarded this sorry organisation one star because there is no facility to leave no stars.

Well, they said that they booked it in for tomorrow but they didn't!! This shower couldn't manage a piss up in a brewery. I have to go through this all over again tomorrow.

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