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Extremely unsatisfactory - pushy sales and misleading information

I tried to purchase a Canon 1DX through SLRhut. the price was good, and lathough I had reservations about this company being based in the US, the reviews were generally good. I pleaced an order without incident on the web site and thought no more of it. I should add that the camera retails at around 4000, so this isn't a trivial order. the next day I received a call from a salesman who tried desperately to sell me additional batteries at a price far in excess of those that I could source locally, an extende3d warranty, which I repeated many times that I didn't want, and finally tried to insist that I make the purchase through wire transfer rather than paying by credit card. Apparrently the company will not accept payments over a particular sum by credit card. The sum varies, depending on who you talk to. Because of the lack of payment protection this would have brought, I said no - it took many repetitions before he understood that this wasn't going to happen; however at this point, he agreed that the credit card would be fine. I received four (four!) invoices and awaited delivery of the new camera. Ten days later, nothing had arrived, and my credit card had not been charged. I rang SLRHut again to follow up and indeed, they were still waiting for the wire transfer. The transfer that we had already agreed wasn't going to take place. They suggested paypal, but this would take a large sum out of my bank in one hit; not an acceptable solution. By this time I was fed up with the lack of communication, unhelpful customer services and bullying tactics that the staff used to try to sell extra goods and services, and to force customers to do thinkgs that are entirely for the benefit of the company. I should add that there is nothing on the web site that mentions any payment method restrictions, and the purchase, apparently on my credit card, went through without there being any indication that this would be a problem. The result - very dissapointed indeed and I would advise anyone expecting a level of service commensurate withthe value of the goodes that they are purchasing to steer well clear of these people, and go elsewhere. This is a competitive market, and there are other suppliers who can and will price match if that is your limiting factor.

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