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Marks Electrical

Excellent Service

Excellent service, even the delivery driver was knowledgable about Miele products...

So much better then dealing with the high street chains... I'm now saving up for the oven to go with my shiny new hob!!!

Exante Diet

A diet programme where I've lost weight and saved money???

I was looking for a simple and cheap solution to my weight problem. Exante is pretty much the best solution I can find. I paid £75 for a 4 week supply of the 'Winter Warmer' bundle which was on offer. The package consists of porridge, carbonara, and a snack bar.
Overall my results have been very good. I have lost quite a bit of weight in only 2 weeks, and several people have commented that I look thinner. My advice however for anyone thinking about this who are used to eating big meals is to start with the 600 calories and add an extra healthy option. It is quite a shock to the system, and I couldn't stop thinking about food at first.
I haven't followed the plan exactly as I initially allowed myself a 'cheat' day on the weekend, but kind of expanded this to two days as my job does burn the calories.

I found the food to be fine to eat... This isn't gourmet stuff, and eating the same thing all the time soon gets tiresome. However the porridge is actually quite tasty and is so quick and easy that I have it every morning when I wake up. Pre-Exante, I rarely had any breakfast because I was always running late.
The pasta carbonara smelt nice the first few times, but I soon got a bit fed up. I find it very chalky and you have to get the amount of water just right otherwise the spaghetti won't cook properly. I would definitely cook this according to the instructions on the website as opposed to the packaging.
The crispy thing isn't too bad. It is a bit dry and boring, but like I said, this isn't meant to 'wow' the tastebuds.

Overall a very good experience thus far. I will definitely be ordering again.. I haven't quite decided what yet, however I will definitely make sure I have their quick, easy, and convenient porridge for breakfast! Don't be too put off by people saying that the food tastes disgusting.. You will get used to it fairly quickly, and it isn't that bad. I can think of far worse diets that I have attempted over the years!

The best thing is by buying the Exante diet pouches, I have actually saved loads of money on food!! I used to spend about £30-£40 per week on food for myself (I ate out quite a bit).

21 March 2013

Reply from Exante Diet

We are glad to hear that you have found the diet good value for money and that you are doing well on it. Thank you for the review and good luck with your continued weight loss.

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