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Interlink Express

Only a couple of small problems, but good overall

After reading some of the reviews on this site I was a little worried about my package, however I was quite happy with the service I received. I had an email on the 15th to say they had received my shipment details and would collect it from the seller to deliver to me by the 18th. I thought it was great that they actually emailed and sent an SMS to update me on the progress of my order, and they also advised I would get an estimated 1hr window on the day of delivery to let me know when to expect my delivery. Awesome so far.

First problem I encountered was on the morning of the 18th. I had not received any email or text giving me my 1hr window. Checked tracking and it showed they were still waiting to collect from sender. Now, there was a small problem with an item I ordered being out of stock so the seller had emailed asking if I would accept the same item in a different flavour, to which I replied yes. Possibly that is what caused the delay, so I won't hold that against Interlink, but it would have been nice if I had had an update to say, actually it won't be delivered until X date though.

Later that day after getting home from work I noticed the tracking had updated and my package had been collected and was now at their Birmingham sorting hub. Great, so it's making progress. Checked early the next morning and still showed as in Birmingham, not even in transit, to which I was a little disappointed because I was hoping for it to reach me before I had to head to work. However, it appeared that when I checked again in a couple of hours, the tracking system had updated to say it had actually been received the local office a few hours earlier that morning. Got an email and text giving me the estimated delivery time not long after.

Driver turned up within the given times and delivery made. Other than the slight delay with collection (again, might not be Interlink's fault) and the delay with the tracking system updating, I was quite happy with the service I received. The 1hr estimated delivery time was something I had not come across before with other couriers, and thought it was a great idea. Will be ordering again from the same seller in future, so hopefully Interlink and their local driver will continue with the great service... let's try for the 5th star next time though :)

22 March 2013

Reply from Interlink Express

Hi Dan,

Glad to hear the experience was broadly positive. It sounds as though the day's delay was caused by the fact that the goods were not despatched at the planned time. The way our systems work, we send out the first notification when we receive the order details, in anticipation of delivery the following day. The problem here seems to be the fact that the goods were not collected because they were out of stock.

I'm sorry that the tracking details did not update quicker - they should update within 10 minutes of the parcel being scanned, so there must have been a Gremlin in the system!

I'm glad that our driver arrived within the one hour delivery window - that's our Predict service in all its glory!

Next time you're expecting a parcel from us, if you have any queries just drop a note to socialmedia@interlinkexpress.com and me or one of my colleagues will happily assist :)

Kind regards,



Awful Service

Attempted to delivery four times before I gave up and arranged to walk to the local depot and pick the package up myself.

The first two delivery attempts I was at work when they came, but neither time was a card left to advise me of what would happen next. I went onto the online tracking, which is about the only good thing Yodel do, and saw that the package was still with the courier and they would reattempt delivery.

I was off work on Thursday when the doorbell rang at 10am. I live in a block of flats and had to go down a couple flights of stairs to reach the main door. This took me maybe a whole 30-45 seconds. By the time I got down there, there was no one at the door. I checked the car park and couldn't see anyone just leaving or a card left, so went back upstairs. Checked the online tracking again and saw that they had just attempted delivery.

Rang customer services, and the woman was very apologetic and explained the driver would reattempt delivery tomorrow, but also gave me a mobile number for the delivery woman. Tried the number a few times that morning, but each time was unable to get through as phone engaged. Gave up by the time I had to go to work that afternoon.

10am again the next day, the doorbell rings. I run down the stairs, and again there is no one there and no card. Checked tracking and yet another delivery attempt was made. Rang Yodel up again and they said they would send an email off to have them deliver the package on Saturday because of the problems I was having.

Saturday comes, and no delivery attempt was made. Checked tracking and it had been returned to the depot. At this point I noticed their online site was working again and could arrange to collect at the depot. Did this and picked up the package without problems. Will be emailing the seller to let them know how dissatisfied I am with Yodel's service.

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