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Cheap Flights - Yes, Anything else - No

I have used them quite a lot and I am happy with their cheap prices and nice destinations. If you have a problem though it is a mere suicide to get it resolved. I have been talking to their support quite a lot until they fix my problem and only because I tell them what is the real problem.

I can recommend them for cheap flights but not for some planned vacation because they rarely refund or anything else like that.


Worst Support Ever

If you pay regularly they are okay but once you stop paying for featured ads or bump up daily your ads they all of a sudden start deleting your ads with no reason. I have been with them over the phone, email, chat to explain me the reason and they all say " your ads does not comply with our rules" After careful reading them 10 times, there is nothing wrong with our ads. Then if I repost it and pay it as featured there is no problem.

They are nice for small businesses and to reach some lovely customers but their support and system is bad. I personally think there are 10 people over there who are running the company and that is all.

Now they went too far by pushing us to get a banner and we denied and now we got some of our ads deleted again. Sadly they are cheap and work for small business but I am definitely on the look out for any other company site that can offer me the same.

On top they promised to call me like 3 times now and solve my issues but they never get back to me unless I am willing to pay for a banner or for a 2-3 featured ads which is just ridiculous.

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Total waste of time and money

Tried them after a recommendation for our business. I can honestly admin that they are the worst place to put your money in. Having a free listing there is okay though the support is horrible.
They always promise that they will solve your problem and so 2-3 months pass.
They cheated with the price with us by advicing us to pay online and it turned a higher price than the usual which is just scam.
Nobody ever goes to their directory for anything but to look for a company to hire them.

I would definately not recommend them to anyone small or big business. Not to mention the fact that your "account manager" gets suddently lost from time to time.
I am sorry I had to sign with them at all!

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They are okay

I am quite happy in terms of what we got. It is a bit expensive but they support us very fast with every single request we make. They provide nice data in their platform which is not boasted like any other directories.

Quite happy with the fact they do not make spacious promises like the others. We have just signed with them and hope to see what they are "made of"


Great Platform

One steam account, all games at one places, available for download on different PCs and everything using only one account. That is great especially if you switch computers a lot + it automatically synchronize and update the games.

IntKeys Game Keys


Had a Diablo and SC bought from those guys. I had a small delay for the keys but everything was smooth.

I will try them again in the future.



I was very pleased with the products I got from them. I have ordered 4 times now and they have shipped the right things in the detailed period - even when I ship something for outside of UK the shipment is perfect. I had a small problem with the sizes but their customer support helped me and resolved my problems before the shipping.

The shop itself is easy to navigate and nice. I will recommend it to everyone and I will definately use them again soon.

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