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disgusting service. terrible company. imcompetent drivers

Absoloute crooks in my eyes. This has got to be the worst experience I've had ever with delivery companies! Next I'll flipping go into a shop and buy the damn thing! ... 3 days I've waited for package which is an expensive brand new £600 iphone in white ! I bought it as a birthday present to myslef as I turn 21 tommorow.. I phoned DPD up who are saying its been delivered :s

On march 20th I phoned the company asking them why my order hadn't arrived after I'd stayed in all the previous day waiting for my delivery. The company named three (3 mobile) explained that they had tried leaviing the phone with myslf and left a calling card however I was in all day and no calling card was left. (This is where it got suspicious) then they said the phone would be with me in between 1-2pm .. However when 2.30 came I had not had my delivery (although I saw a delivery van pull up he didn't deliver to me) I called the company again for the 4th time now at around 3 explaing that I hadn't received my order yet ? they put me throught to investigations.

Investigation officer (Mohamed) said that I had received the phone as they had THROWN it over my black back gate at my address !!! This is INCORRECT ! First of all my back gate is too high to throw a £600 phone over and my back is NOT black its BROWN. I explained this to him and he then changed his story and said I SIGNED a calling card saying he could THROW a £600 brand new phone over my gate !! This is LIES I signed no card and would never give permission for that to happen not in this area and not with such an expensive item! Then he changed his story again claiming first they left the calling card through my letter box then he left it outside the property ??? And that I or a family member mus have picked it up signed It and left it outside the door ?? I haven't seen any calling card and NOBODY came to my front door in those 2 days !!! Now that's 2 days I have taken off and I am a dental nurse and have other priorites and obligations to fufill. He then changed his story again saying that they left it at a white door with one ornament outside .. WRONG again !!! Although I have a white and glass door (very common) I have FOUR ornaments not one !! He then changed again gettin agitated at this pointed saying I left my back door open for them to get through and I signed for my back ggate to be left open and for my package to be dropped there !!!!!!!!! Absolutely absurd!! If I signed for it to be left there wouldn't I just take the package !!!!!!! By this point I known his lying and trying to clutch at straws. I ask formy money back and he refuses! Nd tells me to go and knock at my neighbours door as the phone could be there even though they know my door number is 88!!!! So I knocked round the neighbours like an idiot !! And of course none of them knew nothing !! So basically they have delivered a £600 phone to the wrong house and expect it to just be given backk!! Haaa yeah right .. How can the driver be so imcompetant that he can tell the difference between door numbers. I mean is that the kind of driver we want driving on out streets with our children and elderley when he can't get to grips with 2numbers. I mean were in serios trouble if drivers carrying our precious goods are incapable of delivering to the correct address and just think the can walts back and retrieve it on whimp.. Pffft! I'm more then outraged by this and doubt it will be sorted anytime soon and doubt they will retrieve it which means I spend double the amount to get the same phone!!

But I tell ya I won't use this disgrace of a company again! Ill flipping go and get it myself!! Pff!

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21 March 2013

Reply from DPD UK

Hi Sharney,

Sorry for any issues that you have encountered. According to our systems, our driver initially tried to deliver on 19 March but no one was home to take delivery. It seems that the goods were left behind a gate yesterday after we received authorisation to do so. I see that our Escalations team are currently handling this matter, so I do not need to pass any additional details on to them. That said, if you feel that you need any additional information or support, I will be happy to assist - please email

Kind regards,


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