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Cheap price, two orders fulfilled with no problems...

Despite the bad reviews I was seeing, I put in a couple of orders in the past week or so, mainly due to the fact that they had the items I wanted and at a really good price.

So far I'm happy with Evans. Goods turned up on time and in perfect condition. Have had an issue with a rival company who has spectacular reviews, so I was quite surprised with the way things turned out, especially as the competitor was dealing with a more expensive item.

I'm reluctant to give Evans 4 stars since I've only had 2 orders so far and there have been no issues that require extra attention - others obviously haven't had as good an experience as mine. However, since the price was good and there haven't been any mistakes so far I will likely use them again for smaller items and may be tempted to purchase more costly goods in the future too.

Rutland Cycling


Bike arrived a day later than they stated, not a problem but not as quick as they like to make out. Had been damaged in transit rendering it unusable and had manufacturing defects. Rutland are in the process of replacing the bike, but it's been nearly a week since I ordered already and they estimate the start of next week for delivery. Instead of just arranging a swap to save time they have had the bike collected and will send the replacement once it gets to them - they had already asked me to send photos, which I had done. Feel like the whole thing is taking ages and apart from exchanging the damaged item they haven't done anything to alleviate my disappointment. At the very least I would have expected them to send it for a Saturday delivery so I'm not stuck walking to work again on Monday. Don't feel like the rating they have is anywhere near deserved and at points I've felt like their customer service has been pretty rude.

Update: bike arrived on Saturday. Had received an email stating this and was going to reply thanking them but thought I'd wait until the bike actually arrived. When it did, the packaging was damaged in exactly the same place, luckily despite the unlikely coincidence of exactly the same damage to the box and fork protector, the bike itself seems relatively undamaged. After assembly, a friend noted that he didn't think the front wheel was correctly aligning in the manner in which it should and I'm left with only suspicions as to why this may be. Since the bike seems perfectly rideable at this point, I am in no hurry to contact Rutland again to debate this issue.

Overall I have been pretty disappointed and despite the cheap cost of the bike, I am unlikely to be using Rutland again. Bizarrely, I have found that a competitor of theirs with much less favourable reviews has managed to get a couple of orders out to me in the same time with absolutely no complaint or issue at all!

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