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We were contacted by one of there telephone sales reps, and was told of this fantastic product and how easy it was to set-up and that they would set the first 10 pages up, which never happene? What we were not told of was the yearly subscription that we were signing up for even after asking quite clearly terms and conditions, was never directed to there terms on there website which only came with the receipt after purchase. Even more surprised to find out that this is a 2 yearly contract, which was never mentioned during the sales pitch, and that they keep your payment details to take the payments, without your permission. This companies practice is underhand and deceitful, if they are misleading people into sales, what does that say about there products?????????????????

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22 March 2013

Reply from Freestart PLC

Freestart plc have reviewed the practice of the two year contract originally instituted to reflect domain registration policy by the top level domain providers, and prevent our clients domain names from lapsing and being taken by unscrupulous registration firms.

Freestart plc have now amended this policy for all new orders and renewals as of February 1st 2013 the new terms can conditions can be seen here, http://www.freestart.com/content/legal.php/terms_and_conditions/?k=:50:: section 2.

Unfortunately this client has not made the best use of the product and despite being contacted twice 06/07/2012 and 17/12/2012 to date they have never sent any content for the Facebook store. With any website on Facebook or anywhere else, without content there is going to be very little traffic or enquires and we are unable to find and provide content for business we know nothing about, this could do more harm than good.

Freestart plc have cancelled the renewal as this client was unhappy and we are willing to provide another year free of charge providing the client can let us have content to see if they can gain business from this product.

Alan Laithwaite
General Manager
Freestart plc

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