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I took two American friends on this tour, having done one with another foreign friend a few years ago and enjoyed it. Unfortunately we were all disappointed on this occasion. This was primarily due to the commentator. We initially thought he was speaking in jest, but a multitude of comments later realised it was painfully sincere. There were a number of comments about non-English speakers moving to the other tour (and in a somewhat 'don''t dare come on my tour' tone), fellow passengers were reprimanded for speaking too loudly (they weren't impacting what we could hear from the commentator at all) and there were few interesting facts and figures delivered (unlike my previous tour). Despite this, the commentator clearly rated himself (quote 'I'm one of the best guides in the UK, if not Europe') although I'm at a loss to figure out how he'd ever get access to the exclusive clubs he was bragged about going to. All in all, not worth the £29 per person we paid, and an embarrassment to me as host to my friends. My biggest regret was not asking him, before we disembarked, whether he could translate into 'American' ...

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