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Good furniture - Bad Service

I ordered three beds on the 11th March 2013, details below:
Arizona White Leather 5ft Kingsize Bed
ANDORRA5-WH 1 £322.59 GBP £322.59 GBP
Montana Brown Leather 5ft Kingsize Bed
MADRID5-BR 1 £297.88 GBP £297.88 GBP
Virginia Black Leather 4ft6 Double Bed
VALLETTA46-BL 1 £310.24 GBP £310.24 GBP
Subtotal: £930.71 GBP
Coupon Code (Spring750): -£46.53 GBP
Shipping: £0.00 GBP
Grand Total: £884.18 GBP
The Arizona white bed was out of stock and I was told if I order it at the same time as the other two above, I will have a speedy delivery. Order was made on the 11th March 2013 and delivery as per advertising was supposed to be 3 to 5 working days from the order date. I spoke to Tom, Salesman, who apparently was very polite and seemed very caring about his customers. Everything was fine and I got an email to put my review and I rated them 5 stars for customer service.
Later on I had problems with the delivery company and I finally got my goods on the 20th March 2013, after 9 working days. The goods were not delivered at the arranged time and as I had to go out, my husband took the delivery and signed for it without checking the products. When I came home I rang Tom straight away to let him know that the products were unchecked at the time the papers were signed. I told him the boxes were damaged. He told me not to worry and if there is any problem just to take pictures and he will sort them out.
My husband’s friend came over the next day to help assemble the furniture. Upon opening the boxes we found that we were sent used beds & legs as it was badly damaged and scratched. I also mentioned that the bed was too low and because of my bad back and it was not suitable at all. I asked if they did longer legs stands and Tom said he will find out and call me back as soon as possible and in the mean time I should email him the pictures of the used legs and he would have new ones sent. I emailed him on the 21/3/13. Waited one week for them and nothing arrived in the post. Rang Tom again and he said he is dealing with it. Another two weeks went by and nothing happened. On the 23/4/13 I rang Tom and said that if I do not receive the legs stands within 5 working days I am not prepared to wait any longer and he should have both beds back. He told me that the company that make the beds do not to extension legs however he will tell them to send me new ones. I then cancelled the Arizona White Leather 5ft Kingsize Bed ANDORRA5-WH 1 £322.59 GBP £322.59 GBP and was refunded after two weeks.

I explained to him that the two beds I had were too low and if I could exchange them for higher beds. He told me to choose the beds I wanted and to give him a call. I asked him for measurements of the other beds I had seen on internet and he said I should email him the types of beds I wanted and he would send me the exact measurements. I sent an email to Tom and his Manager Sohail on the 23/4/13.
After all this, I don't know why I believed Tom and agreed to wait for him to get back to me.I guess because of all the good reviews I read about this company; however, another week went by and no call from Tom. Finally when I managed to get hold of him, he said that he is dealing with it and he was having a meeting with the manufacturer and he will get back to me within a day or two.
Another week went by and when I called the receptionist Saira said that Tom was off on sick. I then demanded to speak to the Manager, Sohail, and when I asked him if he had received my email, he said yes and he told me that once the furniture has been assembled, he does not take them back but he was happy to send me extra parts for replacement. I re-explained to him that I was still waiting for bits to come and as it had not come I did not want the beds. I was however prepared to exchange them for the higher beds. I also asked him to send me his returned policy documents as I have been in touch with Trading Standard. He said he would email me the policy but never received any email or any calls from Tom as Sohail did say he would get Tom to call me the next day.
Tom has never called me to this day (12th May 2013), however I had a parcel delivery postage dated for the 10/5/2013. There are my name and address written on it and Andorra’s feet. Inside the package there are 12 tiny metal used legs with rubber (6 brown and 6 black) no screws no instructions and don’t know who the sender is. It was not at all a surprise to me as the beds did not have instructions in the boxes as well but at least they had screws.
What will I do with Andorra s feet when the Arizona white leather bed was cancelled long time ago? I am very upset as I have got bad back and having to sleep on the floor on a mattress for the last two months and no bed frames. I got in touch with Trading Standards and they said that Morale Furnishing should either exchange the beds or take them back and refund me my money. One thing I do not quite understand is that we order online with First Furniture but the payment is made to Morale Furnishing. Are they one company with two names????????
I was a very happy customer at first but not anymore as I am tired of waiting and having to sleep on the floor, not knowing when this matter will be solved. I have been very patient and I’m hoping Bilal Ali will read this review and sort this matter out as soon as possible.
Usha Thatcher-Ali
Today is 18th May and no one has been in touch nor has someone reply to this review. I am absolutely disgusted with how they are behaving. I think I have to contact my solicitor & also Trading Standards as this is has gone too far. I will be posting the same review again and again till they reply to me. I am so angry and very upset.

23 May 2013

Reply from

Hi Mrs Ali, I am sorry you are disspointed with your experience with. However,as stated in previous emails to you. Once an item has been assembled and used we can not take them back. It can not be fair to expect a company to take an item after you build it, use it for a while and decide it is not suitable for you. The measurements of the beds are all listed for a reason.

If you have problems in regards to faulty parts I will be more than happy to get these sent out out to you. I have emailed you in regards to this also.
Bilal Ali
First Furniture

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