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Swift dispatch, prompt replies to questions and an excellent price.

The Furniture Market™

Any problems will be your problems, not theirs

Further to the comments of The Furniture Market. They did supply measurements for the second delivery and it appeared that the delivery would fit. However, the delivery driver did not even bother getting it out of the van as he said that the back panel was the same size as the one which had not fitted previously. It would have been very helpful if The Furniture Market had told us this in advance. They knew, as they state in their comments that they had been unable to deliver the Opus 3 door. If the Opus 2 door has the same sized back then all the supplying of measurements is pointless. It's simply shifting of responsibility onto the purchaser. As the review says: any problems will be your problems, not theirs. If they knew the panel of the second order was the same size as the first order then how on earth did they think it was going to fit up the stairs?

Original review
We ordered a three door wardrobe and it wouldn't fit up our stairs. They took it back and charged us, which is fair enough. So we tried again with a single and double wardrobe. Prior to delivery we asked them about what boxes it was delivered in. We were assured it would fit. It did not. The delivery drivers (who'd tried to deliver the first one) didn't even bother getting out of the van as they knew the size of the wardrobe and the size of our stair way and that it wouldn't fit. We were still charged the delivery charge even though we'd made strenuous attempts to check it would. 'It's in the terms and conditions' was the reply. Not very impressed as we'd done everything we could to check before hand. To add injury to insult, they also tried to charge us an extra £30. Overall we paid a load of money because they weren't very specific about the size of the furniture for the first delivery, and then wouldn't take responsibility for their own advice in the second. I'm sure they're fine if it all works, but we had a pretty expensive and shoddy experience.

26 March 2013

Reply from The Furniture Market™

Dear Mr Hardy

We are very disappointed to read how you feel things have gone wrong with your experience at The Furniture Market.

Your first purchase was an Opus Oak triple wardrobe that was delivered in sections for easy access, however on trying to get the largest part which is the front and back panel up your stairs it soon became clear that it would not fit and consequently you requested to return it as it would not fit. This wardrobe then had to be returned at our standard return charge of £30. (this return charge goes towards covering the cost of the delivery and return of your order if it is not accepted).

You then decided to order the Opus double wardrobe and single wardrobe hoping that these would fit up your stairs, we therefore did not want a repeat of the first delivery so we clearly informed you of the box sizes for these wardrobes so you could measure your staircase to ensure they would fit prior to delivery. You then purchased these wardrobe once you were confident they would fit and then we arranged another delivery to you of this smaller wardrobe and on delivery it was clear the largest part of the double wardrobe would clearly not fit up the stairs so you requested to return these wardrobes as well. Therefore due to the products being returned you were charged £30 which is our standard return charge for an order regardless of the amount of items you returned.

You state in your review that we assured you the second delivery of wardrobes would fit, this is not true, I personally spent a great deal of time gathering exact box dimensions to give you so you could measure if the wardrobes would fit up your stairs. It is impossible for us to assure if a product will fit into your home, we can only advise you of the box and product dimensions, it is the ultimately the buyers responsibility to measure if the furniture will fit into their home.

I am sorry that the two failed deliveries resulted in you cancelling you order and incurring to returned order charges, however we did everything in our power ensuring you received your furniture that you ordered and by giving you box measurements in advance as we wanted to prevent a repeat of the first failed delivery.

As a business we take customer service very seriously and will always try to be transparent with information to prevent any problems from occurring. As a business we have to cover the costs of failed deliveries on the occasions where furniture doesn't fit in the customers home as it does happen from time to time and you understood this prior to ordering and still wanted to give the second purchase of wardrobes a try.

If you want to discuss this with me further or even want to give The Furniture Market another chance to make things right please email me at:

Adrian Latham

In Response to your update:

I am sorry but your update is untrue as the two wardrobes panels are completely different sizes as originally explained. I have again just measured the back panel on the Opus triple wardrobe and it is one complete panel (the size of all 3 doors in one single outer frame), I have also just unpacked the Opus double wardrobe and this back panel is not the same size as the triple, it is two thirds the size as it is the size of the front door area in one complete panel. I am sorry that this sounds abrupt but I want to be completely factual as we took great care in providing you these correct panel measurements prior to you ordering the double wardrobe. I understand your frustration as the wardrobes you ordered would not fit up your stairs however we cannot be blamed for this as we provided you the wardrobe measurements as requested.

We will always provide customers exact part dimensions prior to ordering if requested just like we did in your circumstances. We by no means want to shift any responsibility onto any buyer if a product will not fit up their stairs, instead we will always try to prevent such a problem arising by supplying part dimensions if requested prior to delivery taking place.

Kind regards,

Adrian Latham

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