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Quick and easy!

The product was exactly like shown on the website. No surprises. Very fast delivery!

Hermes Europe

Next time, try to train a homing pigeon, at least they're cute.

I ordered a smartphone from Tesco (as my old one broke and I've got none now). I paid an extra 6 quid to get it delivered ASAP as it was (and still is) urgent. Called Tesco Direct and they said they'd investigate it and they'll get in touch with me tomorrow (get in touch, that means, tomorrow I'm gonna receive sod all). The parcel was meant to arrive yesterday and Hermes website says it did and that IT IS SIGNED BY CUSTOMER. Really??? I was at work and asked my bf to stay at home waiting for it. Nobody nocked or left any note. I asked my neighbours and the shop next door and nobody has it. Who on Earth signed it? The driver himself? Very, very disappointed! And angry!

*** UPDATE*** After 2 days phoning Tesco Direct (as Hermes doesn't let you contact them directly, they ask you to contact your seller, which I don't really understand) they kept saying they will investigate it and talk to the driver, and they'd call me after 24 hours. That never happened and in the end I had to phone them saying I want my money back. They called me back saying I could have the item re-delivered or a refund. Yes, I chose a refund. I know it's not Tesco's fault, but if your courier is one of the companies with the worst ratings, then... what do you expect? An urgent delivery that never turn up! So I decided to find my phone in another store!

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Handy, easy and quick. Happy days!

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