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Worse than bad! Will leave when contract ends next month! Avoid!

After sales service is worse than bad. The camera on my immaculately-maintained monthly-contract phone stopped working (developed an "operation failed" error message).

Called them. Told to take phone to nearest shop (no option to send phone to repair centre, even though bought online). No phone for nearly 2 weeks and not offered a loan phone. Phone returned unrepaired (repair "not covered by manufacturers guarantee"). Phone also returned with scratches to previously flawless screen and they haven't inserted the keypad properly, so some keys do not work properly! Appalling!

Can't bear the thought of fighting a battle with this awful company. My after-sales experience with Vodafone has been appalling. I wouldn't recommend this company to my enemy (never mind friend). Avoid or hope you don't have to use their after-sales service.

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The Garage Door Company

Nightmare company! Avoid... to avoid stress!

This company is a nightmare! We foolishly paid up-front, they didn't turn up, we've had no apology... nor our money refunded! We've had to waste precious time chasing them up by phone and writing to them... and our credit card company... just to get our money back! Avoid!

14 March 2014

Reply from The Garage Door Company

Dear Peggz

My name is Amber Baker I am the Marketing Director and have worked for The Garage Door Company for many years. I am very sorry for the service you have received and would like to send you a £50.00 voucher of your choice, please confirm your home address. I would also ask if you could contact me with more information so we can identify which members of staff need more help and training to improve our service.

We take your comments very seriously.

My mobile number is 07977 075631 please call me at your earliest convenience to discuss.

Kind Regards
Amber Baker
Marketing Director
The Garage Door Company


Metal pocket popper on jeans fallen off after a few days wear :(

Sadly, after just a few days wear, one of the metal popper things on the corner of the pocket has fallen off. I can't be bothered going through the hassle of the Returns process.

Summary: Efficient sales and delivery system, but questionable product quality. I shalln't be buying anything else from Cottontraders.

Fortunately, the most recent CottonTraders reviews do not reflect my experience. I ordered (online) a pair of jeans for my husband, on Thursday. They were delivered on Saturday morning (just two working days!). The quality of the jeans is excellent and sold at a very good price. I can't ask more from a Seller. Thank you Cotton Traders :)


Downgraded from 5-stars to 2-stars. Exorbitant delivery charges!

Update: February 2014
Have been pushed to return to after a 30% increase in the cost of my already-exorbitant SmartPass delivery charge. I cancelled my SmartPass subscription, wit the aim of ad hoc ordering using the cheaper unpopular delivery slots, but the headline £40 min spend becomes £75 min spend at the checkout...!

I'm very pleasantly surprised to find my weekly shopping bill with is 30% less, buying more or less the same items. I haven't been able to work out how or why, but am very pleased :)

I switched to Ocado (from about a year ago and haven't looked back.

Ocado is incredibly well organised! I've never had any missing items nor substitutions (who's got the time to keep chasing up picking errors almost every week?).

I receive countdown texts reminding me how long I've got to make further changes to my order... texts confirming whether there are any unavailable items (there haven't been any)... texts confirming the name of the driver and the reg plate number of the van...!

The drivers are as chirpy as Waitrose's.

Ocado's iPad app makes ordering very quick and easy.

Best of all Ocado stocks most of Waitrose's products.


Have returned to and am pleasantly surprised :)

UPDATE February 2014:
After a year with Ocado (and their exorbitant monthly SmartPass delivery charge), I've returned to Waitrose. Am still experiencing the odd missing item with Waitrose and clumsy shopping website but am enjoying a much nicer, hassle-free Customer Services interaction. I'm also very pleasantly surprised to find that I am spending about 25-30% less money, for roughly the same items :))

Glad to be back :))

Over the last 4 years, I've cheerfully accepted my weekly email to Customer Services reporting missing items. Waitrose products (and the delivery drivers) are of a very high standard.

Come on Waitrose, please modernise your systems and match Ocado's efficiency. You've descended from my previous 5-star rating (just a couple of years ago) down to 3-stars after your perfunctory and unsatisfactory Customer Services response to my recent email about the complicated substituted Sensitive Laundry detergent issue...

I reluctantly experimented with Ocado, which sells most of Waitrose's products (except the freshly baked bread rolls) and am happy that I did. I've now switched to Ocado.

The Ocado drivers are equally pleasant and the Ocado iPad app makes ordering so much easier.

Best of all, I'm yet to have a missing items experience (or substitutions). Ocado sends text messages confirming the delivery, driver name, vehicle details, whether there are unavailable items and count-down prompts for your last chance to make changes to your order.

I'm a longstanding Waitrose and John Lewis fan.. but inevitably, inefficiency reaches a point where even your most loyal customers will be tempted away.

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