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Fake prices -extra costs a rip-off...

I have to say, after having read the huge number of frustrated travellers over Bravo Fly's alleged incompetence, I am now dreading something really bad is going to happen...

Add to this the fact that this bloody company charges even for the right to breathe -they claim their flights are the cheapest, then they keep adding stuff up -10% for credit card OR Paypal payments, taxes (which are supposedly included in the initial fare), so the 77€ fare I was supposed to be booking ended up being 111€.

The only reason I booked with them is because theirs was the "cheapest" fare -I am traveling in a kind of last minute circumstance-. More importantly, it is a matter of principle; it is a matter of honesty and correctness:

BRAVOFLY: Be straightforward with your prices, yours is a clearly flagrant strategy to get unaware costumers to pay one and a half times the original "cheap" fare.

The only ones being cheap here are you -NOT the tickets you sell.

I WILL NEVER USE BRAVO FLY AGAIN -I strongly recommend anyone not to do it either.


Quick and Easy!

In a nutshell: I hate web browsing, especially for travel bookings.
As opposed to my air ticket booking, which took me at least two hours, because no website is efficient at all, it took me about 5 minutes to book my hostel through this website.

Also, I truly appreciate that -as opposed to websites like Bravofly-, Hostel bookers are perfectly straightforward in the amount to pay: Bravofly, for example, makes it look as if they were really much cheaper, only to add up unavoidable extra costs -so, either you cough up, or simply don't book.

Thank you guys, I really appreciate your services.

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