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Travellink Privatrejser

No refund for drastically changed flights.

My boyfriend and I have planned to visit two cities this summer, and we booked a flight through Travellink to travel directly from our first stop, Amsterdam to our second, Berlin. We chose a flight departing at around 21:00 so we could spend the day in Amsterdam before leaving for the airport.

Now we have been switched to a flight departing at 13:45, which has a 50 minute stopover in Frankfurt. Our journey is now in the middle of the day so we can't do anything with our time there as we depart so early, and our travel time is now tripled. We wanted to cancel this flight as it was taking a whole day out of out holiday but Travellink refused to refund us stating our flights were not expensive enough for that basically. The best we were offered was an equally long flight that stops over at Munich, that was a slightly better time but still basically rendered our day useless.

Now we have two totally pointless plane tickets, and we have to pay again for new plane tickets that cost twice as much (the rest of our trip is already booked and paid for, not via Travellink thankfully). I feel this is incredibly unfair as the flight was changed so drastically and we were basically told to just suck it up and deal with it. This flight (or "flights" now) is not the product we agreed upon when paying.

Apparently Lufthansa, the airline we were to fly with, would have refunded us if we had booked through them directly. It's Travellink who refuse to give us our money back. I can't stress strongly enough how much I regret booking through them, this company has terrible customer service (my boyfriend got hung up on after waiting on hold for 20 minutes, because the person on the line couldn't hear him for a few seconds) and they have stupid policies. We will *never* book through Travellink again, and I cannot stress how strongly I advise others to avoid them too.

I'd rate them -5 if I could.

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Tripling our travel time, but at least they were polite

My boyfriend and I booked an evening flight from Amsterdam to Berlin(direct) with Lufthansa, departing around 21:00. This was deliberate so we could enjoy a final day in Amsterdam before departing to our next stop.

Now we have been switched to a flight which departs at 13:45 and includes a 50 minute stopover in Frankfurt, effectively taking an entire day off our trip as we can't use the day for anything when we depart so early. It would have been ok had the flight time only changed by an hour or so, but several hours and a stopover for a flight that should take about an hour is a big leap.

To give Lufthansa some credit, they did say we should be entitled to a refund. My boyfriend said the customer service was good when he called them up. Sadly we cannot get our flight refunded because we didn't book directly through Lufthansa, and the travel agency we booked with won't allow it.

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