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Completely abysmal service.

At the end of the day you may well have no choice anyway, my phone line is held in a monopolist vice grip by the BT group of companies and yours is probably too. Yes, I can change my service provider but I can not take my line away from Openreach (part of BT group), no matter how poor their service is.

The service has been poor to say the very least, abysmal is a more fitting word. I have had no phone or broadband for the first 7 weeks of this year and all BT could do was lie through their teeth, coming up with pathetic excuses as to why it took so long to fix a simple fault. At first they told me the fault would be fixed within 10 days, later on I found out that they didn't even send out a surveyor to analyse what the problem was until 12 days after I reported the fault. Their favoured excuse was to blame the council for delays by saying that they needed permission tor traffic management, the council have told me - no such permission was needed.

BT even had the nerve to take money from my account for that time that I had no service.

BT are lying, thieving, incompetent scumbags.

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