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Excellent booking page

I have booked accomodation for our holiday at easytobook website. The booking procedure was very quick and simple. Moreover, the accomodation was offerred for a cheaper price than by other booking websites.

Intersales Music

I have never experienced such kind of neglegancy with any other company!

I have never seen any company with that kind of neglegancy and unorganised attitude I experienced after I purchased a digital piano from Intersales Music. First of all, they did not send me any order confirmation after I completed my order. I only recieved confirmation from Sagepay regarding my payment details.
They charged my card on the next working day that is why I thought my order was succesful and they would send my order quickly. On their website you can find the following information: Customers should expect to receive delivery in 2-5 working days after receipt of order, provided payment is received before 2.00pm. Although every effort is made to achieve delivery in 2-5 working days, during busy periods this may be delayed, so please allow up to 7 working Days. If you have not received your item within 5 working days of completion of your order, please call us on 01536 521202.
I did not receive my order within 5 working days and I also tried to track my order on their website, on Your Account page, but there was no change on it, still showed the same: payment Received, order Processing. So I called them: a girl answered the phone who was unable to give me any information about the status of my order and promised me to call back as soon as she has got known more about it. NO CALL BACK!!!
I also sent an email and DID NOT RECEIVE ANY RESPONSE!
Next day I called them again and a boy answered the phone, he did not know anything about my order too and promised me to call back as soon as he has got known more about it. NO CALL BACK!!!
I also sent an email and DID NOT RECEIVE ANY RESPONSE!
Next day I called again and a girl answered the phone who told that she could not accesss the system, so could not help me with any orders at all but the next day someone will call me back and tell me more about my order. NO CALL BACK!!!
I also sent an email and DID NOT RECEIVE ANY RESPONSE!
I called the company again and a man answered who was able to check the status of my order, congratulations, he was the first one at this company. He said the following: because it is a heavy item, we can deliver it within 14 days only, so it will be collected by UPS on Friday or on Monday at latest and will be delivered at the middle of next week. You will receive an email from UPS with tracking number as soon as it has been collected by them. I was happy with this information and waited but NOTHING HAPPENED after that: I did not receive any email from UPS neither on Friday, nor on Monday. I was very disappointed and emailed them again and also called them again on Tuesday: the same man answered the phone and said that please leave me the order, I would process it and will call back as soon as I know more about it. NO CALL BACK! I called again and he said that my order is with UPS now but they accidently did not record the tracking number, he had emailed UPS and would email me the tracking number as soon as he has received the tracking number from UPS. I did not receive any email response from the company again, so I emailed and call them again on Wednesday: a girl answered the phone but she was the one who could not access the system, so she could not help with orders at all, she took my number again amd promised a callback. NO CALL BACK AND NO RESPONSE to my emails!
On Thursday I called again and that man answered again, he promised to send me the tracking number immediately, I really did receive it, they had just created it, had just ordered the delivery from UPS, so he had lied on Tuesday, the order had not been collected by UPS yet. I was absolutely not happy but I did not want to cancel my order at that stage because I thought they would really give my order to UPS and they had a good price for the piano. THEY DID NOT DO THAT, NOTHING HAPPENED AGAIN. Another 2 working days left and UPS still had not received it from Intersales Music.
I called again, a boy answered and said that he did not know what happened, they ordered the delivery from UPS but had not collected it, he would email them and would call me back. NO CALL BACK!!! I was very angry and called again, he was nervous and did not speak clearly, I think he did not know what to lie and after all he told me if I wanted to cancel my order he would be able to do that on that day. I told I want it and asked him what was the reason why they were unable to process my order within more than 3 weeks. He said that he was not sure about that. He sent me an email after that and confirmed the refund, apologised in that email. That was the first and last case when somebody apologised to me from that company. Before that nobody apologised about the delay and the lies regarding my order!
So that is the whole story. I ordered the piano from them because they had a really good price for that but I am very disappointed with this company now. After I had received the refund, I ordered the piano from another company which dispatched my order on the day when I ordered it and delivered the next day! YOU COULD LEARN FROM THAT COMPANY!

UK Pianos

Thanks a lot for the really helful advice and the lot of information about digital pianos!

I thoroughly studied Graham Howardˇs guide, scores and reviews at website about digital pianos and these really helped me to choose a suitable piano for my family. Thanks for all the information I was able to find about digital pianos on your website.

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