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Worst experience ever!

I am so angry with viagogo. I sold a ticket for the One Direction show on the 20th March 2013 on this site. I had originally bought the ticket from ticketmaster so it was legitimate. When the ticket arrived I sent it to the buyer who confirmed they had received it- however they complained it was not what they had ordered. Viagogo contacted me with this information and I immediately looked into even though I was pretty sure I was not at fault. They informed the listing on the ticket did not exist. I sent them documentation showing my proof of purchase and they replied, suggesting I was attempting to sell a fake ticket. I then contacted ticketmaster who verified the authenticity of the ticket- in addition, two of my friends attended the concert with tickets purchased in the same order so I KNOW they were real. It was pretty obvious at this point that viagogo were trying to rip me off. I sent them at least 5 emails in the week before the concert attempting to sort out the situation. I didn't get ONE reply. Now the concert has happened, they suddenly found the time to correspond with me and informed me they would be charging me £72.40 which was the cost of the 'replacement ticket' for the buyer.
I highly doubt they provided replacement tickets in time, judging from these stories. There was no need for a replacement ticket anyway because the one I sold was completely real. I don't know if the buyer was attempting to get a free ticket out of it, but it certainly worked. Viagogo have failed to communicate with me at all over this matter and are now attempting to charge me for a ticket that:
A) I wasn't paid for in the first place
B) There was no need for
C) I doubt even exists
I've gone past the point of even wanting payment for ticket, I just want an apology and for them to leave me alone. Worst ever experience, never use this site. I just wanted to sell a ticket and now they're attempting to rip me off. Avoid viagogo at all costs!

My transaction ID is: 2826051

02 April 2013

Reply from Viagogo

Hi Moya,

We are sorry to hear you have had a poor experience with viagogo. Please could you share your transaction ID Number with us so that we can look into your order in further detail to resolve the issue.

Someone from our customer service team will be in contact once we receive your transaction ID

We apologize for any inconveniences this may have caused.

The viagogo team!


Hi Moya,

As confirmed earlier by my colleague we had to cancel the order and find replacement tickets for your buyer because your listing information was misleading hence you sent wrong tickets. You listed tickets for Section AA and sent buyer tickets for Section BA.

The viagogo team.

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