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Dino PC

Very powerful PC, very good price, had some teething troubles

* Delivery - Paid for express build-to-order and delivery: arrived on time.

* Hardware - Several problems on arrival:
* Wireless LAN card not working, so no internet connections. DinoPC asked me to re-seat the WLAN card twice and download newer drivers, before they would send a replacement. (Had to borrow a WLAN USB dongle from another PC to get a connection, and download Windows 7 64-bit drivers to get that working). The WLAN card started working after the 2nd re-seating, once I realized the card locking bar was forcing the card out of its socket.
* Supplied with monitor which had a VGA socket but PC graphics card only had HDMI and DVI sockets; could not use monitor for several days until DVI-to-VGA adaptor sent. Was still able to use PC for first few days because I borrowed a HDMI monitor from another PC.

* Software: Windows 7 64-bit Service Pack 1. Pre-installed, worked fine.

* Customer service / Response time - responded to my first email by phone within 1 hour of sending mail. Later email responses included many helpful "how-to" photos, and were very polite.

* Cost - cheaper than local build-to-order companies.

* Summary - Had to spend more time getting the PC to work properly than I had expected. However, now that the PC is fully set up, it is very fast and a joy to use. So, if you are prepared to spend a few hours sorting out any teething problems, and are confident enough to do so, Dino PC do provide a powerful PC for a very good price.

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