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Friends Recommend Hostel Bookers

"Which website did you use to book your hostel?" my friend asked me years ago as we discussed an upcoming voyage. She winced when I told her the name of another website and recommended this one. I followed her advice and found the price, service, ie, ease of use, and degree of information necessary to make decisions on where to stay (and where not to) invaluable ever since. I've never found a cheaper alternative and never met with an unpleasant surprise.

One thing I do fumble with is searching for a single room by price. In my experience, there isn't a search option that distinguishes between single rooms with double occupancy and single rooms for one person. I'll get really excited about a price and then find out that I'd have to pay double the per-person rate to book the room. This makes comparative shopping difficult. It's not a problem when booking a room for two + because in that case it's a pro to have search results oriented for group travel. Am I missing a way to get around this? If so, please make it more obvious.

I love the pictures that come up on my facebook feed, too. Always interesting and funny, and some definitely *feed* my hunger for travel!

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