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Worst Customer Service and Wrongful Charges to Card

As I type this, I am on the phone with their incompetent customer service department, and have been for 2 hours and counting. After trying to book a vacation package with them I was told that they pre-authorized the 2 credit cards that I wanted to book with. (One was a VISA Debit). I didn;t end up booking the package and decided to book the next day. I called back the next day and tried to book again. I was told I couldn't because I would have to wait 72 hours for the first pre-authorized amount cleared. Obviously they don't understand how travel prices fluctuate. I wasn't about to wait 72 hours to MAYBE get the flight I wanted and get it at the same price. So, it ended up that I wan;t able to book. Fine. The next day (today), I check my bank account, and over $1000 was debited from my account for a booking I NEVER made. I called customer service about the situation only to be hung up on 3 times and have EXTREMELY rude reps try to help me. Between all of my calls to them, I have spent over 5 hours on the phone with them (so far), and have no trip booked. This is the worst experience with ANY company I have ever dealt with. Don't bother with I guarantee you the worst experience of your lives. Don;t expect any problems to be handled in a timely manner either. Even if it's CASH being wrongfullly taken from your account.

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