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Pure Health LLC

Green Coffee Bean Extract

I bought a bottle of this stuff and was so excited, I thought I had found my miracle weight loss supplement and was so excited to get started! I felt confident with Dr. Oz backing it and read a lot of reviews so I thought why not! This is indeed the best place to buy the stuff if it works for you, I tried CertifiedGreenCoffeeExtract.com and I think that they are hoaxy. Never responded to any of my emails to cancel and sent the wrong thing and had to open a paypal dispute. (I cancelled because I found this is the only place out of a few that is the real stuff!) I started taking it and I noticed my heart would flutter sometimes. I didnt think much of it. Kept taking it, two pills twice a day before eating. My heart skipped and fluttered all day at work around the third day of taking it and I had to go to the urgent care and had a EKG and my heart was fine.. but I cant take this stuff. I had to be on beta blockers for a few days and anxiety medicine also. It didnt stop completely for about a couple weeks. VERY scary! I am very sensitive to caffeine but for some reason with all the reviews saying it doesnt affect you like regular caffeine does and stuff I thought it would be okay. Just a warning if you are anxiety prone and sensitive to caffeine I would be weary before taking this stuff. I felt it took two weeks to finally detox it all out and feel okay again. For people who arent sensitive to caffeine maybe this would work for you, but for me I had to stop taking it. Customer service etc was great though, and its a good price compared to other places Ive checked.

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