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Unacceptable responses and responsibility to a fault from their own product

I purchase a PSU from and within a week of using it, it just broke on me. Just 100% broke, unusable, PC wont power on. I was hesitant on using's customer support as its reviews are unsavory and explained that they would go to the company and review the product before even getting back to me.

So I decided to go passed them and proceed to claim the warranty from OCZ themselves. Although quick responses was welcomed, the content was not. They asked for me to send the product to them before they can replace it. Now you have to understand that when a PSU breaks, you have no PC. I work from home and my PC is invaluable. I am in Ireland and their company is located in UK. It has been 2 weeks since I sent it to them and I have yet to receive my replacement. Not to mention it cost me €34 to send to them, which they just flat out refused to pay for the postage expense.

The PSU cost me about €80 in the first place, with the added €34, I have paid €114 euro for this PSU. With no compensation for their own faulty product, their lack of responsibility that they took towards their own fault is unacceptable. How can you in good conscience make your customer pay almost half the price of the product to replace it when it was their fault they produced and shipped the product with the fault in it.

I am telling you right now, if this replacement PSU breaks I will never again use this company and recommend for everyone reading this to avoid at all costs, or it could be you without a PSU(and a working PC) for over 2 weeks. I have also just found out that they are being acquired by Toshiba, so in turn I would avoid them too.

I wouldn't usually go out of my way to write a bad review on a company but for this product I needed them to be understanding and cut me a break, in which they did neither. Their lack of responsibility for their faulty products is just outrageous.

Never again!

Edit: I want to add to this review and say that I still have not received my replacement. It's 17 days after they said it was "shipped". They made a mistake with a faulty product and I end up suffering for almost a month because of it with no recompense. Appalling service. The worst of the worst!

(everyday I don't receive it a day will be added above just to show how long it will be for you if you have to file an RMA with them. As of writing this I am 17 days in, in total without a working PSU 24 days)


No reason not to try

I've tried this site a few times now and they've been nothing but perfect. I recommended Guild Wars 2 to friends and to get it off of CJS. they got their keys smoothly and cheap. Recently I got Total War Rome II and Splinter Cell: Blacklist for €60 in total. Both are worth that price each! I am so happy about this and I have a new favourite website. 100% recommend, quick, easy, cheap, amazing!

Simply Electronics Ltd.

Get the point and do what I've asked

So I make an order for a tablet because of its low low prices, but for personal reasons and many other reviews read after the process, I decide to cancel straight away. Now this means my money from the bank was pending to be taken. So when you order something it's pending and if you cancel before a certain time, there should be no issue in receiving that money straight back without any hassle. So we waited, they confirmed that I had cancelled, I even talked to someone about it and they ensured me that it would be cancelled before the day was out. The next day I find that the money has been taken instead of returned. This surprised me so I call back, and get another representative who was rude (would talk over me) and lied to me saying that she would solve this before the end of that day. This now being a Friday I would have to wait till Monday to even see if she was lying. So Monday arrives and to my utter shock and awe, no cancellation. So I send out a slew of emails and only receive back emails like "tell us your reason before you cancel so maybe we can work something else out". Clearly avoiding my request to cancel. But eventually, after contacting a Vanessa Carroll, the cancellation was finally confirmed.

Now chapter 2, the refund process. Since then, after it took them seconds to strip the money from my account, it has taken them weeks to process all of this and get my money back to me. I wake up today to find my account has been changed from Refund pending to "Refunded". So as any normal customer who has second thoughts about a company they order from would do, I checked my bank account. Does anyone think the money was there?? OHHH no it isn't! I have sent emails now explaining this and am hoping and praying I get my refund and close the books on this company.

So in summary, I was lied to, cheated, dragged along, swindled, treated like a child and with no customer etiquette or sense of urgency whatsoever. This has been nothing but a painfully, long and drawn out experience, which could've been avoided if they just followed proper customer protocol and treated me like I had any sense of value to them. To top it all off, it is my birthday. so thanks for making this a painful one.

Fingers crossed on receiving my refund =(

*I will add a star if the refund appears in my account soon*

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