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Either TripAdvisor lies, or this hotel has become very bad.

Either TripAdvisor lies, or this hotel has become very bad. I went to Hilton Sharm Waterfalls in September 2013. It was the worst hotel in Sharm I have visited.

When I tried to review this hotel with a star rating of 2, my review never got published, I guess the hotel pay for the bad reviews to be removed.

I would not recommend going to this hotel.


Not truthful

I tried to review a hotel several times, but my review is not being published, I get confirmation that TripAdvisor received my review, but it never gets published. I complained to the TripAdvisor about this, but never heard back.

It feels like they publish only positive reviews, it feels like the hotels pay them for removing negative reviews!!!

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Bad experience, avoid

My boyfriend placed an order asking for a delivery one week later, called them to confirm it will be delivered on the requested date, they confirmed saying that everything is Ok. The item did not show up on the requested day. Phoned several times to chase the progress, was told that item will be delivered a week later (two weeks after placing the order). Cancelled order as they messed up the whole project and delayed the job.

When you call them, the staff promises but does not deliver. They promised to call me back, never happened, then they promised to email me cancellation, had to chase them.

Asked to speak to somebody from UK (the call center is in India) they gave me an email address, wrote a complaint, a guys from India responded with no useful information.

Will never be dealing with them and do not recommend anybody.
FYI: They also operate as puritybathrooms

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Fast service, good price

Very satisfied with this retailer. Fast delivery, good price.

John Lewis

Misleading, slow, unprofessinal.

Ordered a fridge with 4 working days delivery. First they did not stick to 4 working days delivery, the fridge was delivered later.

The fridge that was delivered was damaged, I declined it and called John Lewis, they promised a new one. For a few days have not heard from them and when phoned them up was told that they are out of stock and they are refunding me.

While I was waiting for this fridge I missed out on another supplier. Now I cannot buy this particular model until the next months (in 3 weeks).

1) John Lewis does not stick to promised delivery schedule
2) They do not contact you and do not update you, you have to chase them.
3) The delivery (Logistics) company they use is rubbish, they damaged the appliance.



I took January Online 2014 tariff, assuming the prices are fixed until January 20144 (otherwise WHY would you call a tariff like this???) Not the case, in July 2013 prices jumped up, and you cannot quit because they will charge you and you will loose annual £100 discount.

Their prices are fakely cheap to attract you on comparison websites.

Avoid by all means, you will lose more than you will save.

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Unfair Charges

Have been speaking to Skype support for weeks about unfair charges, with no result what so ever. When I call a land-line sometimes Skype starts charging even if nobody picked up, I can hear the ring tone but Skype is charging and I end up paying for connection and for the first minute even though nobody picked up.

Also Skype rounds the charge into their favor. I call to a country and the charges are following: Connection fee 7.6p and a minute is 6.9 total 14.5p, but Skype charges 15p, they round this into their favor.

I am not paying to Skype any more, will be using only their free services and for paying services will go to other provider.

I would not recommend using Skype paid for services, it is a RIP OFF

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