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Rubbish website - doesnt allow specific order details which leads to wrong order and rubbish customer service to rectify

I wish I had read the reviews on this site before using this company. Three of the mats fit but the fourth, the drivers mat doesnt. I have round pegs and should have notice that the mat fits oval pegs. They only offer one version of the mat and expect you to notice in amongst all the words that their is a different peg. The site asks what colour, what material and what edging but doesn't ask what shape pegs. They obviously know their carpets and expect customers to be experts too.

Its my fault for ordering the wrong thing and not theirs for having a rubbish ordering system

Apparently they are going to change the website but too late to save me a wasted £40+

I asked them to send me a replacement drivers mat but they wanted to charge another £13. Hopeless

Stay well clear. Rubbish website. Rubbish customer service

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26 March 2013

Reply from MR CAR MATS

This customer ordered the Mats for contained in the following link

You will see the product title ( in Large Bold Print ) details the Car Mats are for vehicles with OVAL Fitting Pegs. The information is contained in the first two lines of the page and the customer admits he did not read it... But he must off read it as how would he know he was ordering car mats for a Ford Fiesta.

It is also worth pointing out that the customer order a CUSTOMISED set of car mats ( the standard option is BLACK with BLACK TRIM) the selection the customer made was Carbon Grey with a Red/Black twist trim - As detailed on the product page - Towards the bottom on the left hand side Any other colour from Black is MADE TO ORDER and excluded from DSR and returns policies if Ordered In Error. Our Terms and Conditions go further to explain this.

The customer received the mats and the Drivers Mat does not fit the locators because the customer has a vehicle with ROUND fitting pegs. The customer contacted us and admits they have ordered incorrectly.

At this point we could have turned round and quoted our Terms and Conditions to the customer about Made to Order Customised Product and non returnable / non refundable etc.. But instead we advised the customer to return the mat set and if they paid the cost of Carriage ( £6.75) for us to send the correct mat he should of ordered we would exchange for him. The customer refused this and asked for us to make and send a Drivers mats ( once again customised to his colour options and spec) this option has a cost of £13.00

We have supplied exactly what was ordered, customer admits we have provided what was ordered but thinks that our company should be out of pocket for his error... If it was our error we would not even quibble about replacing.. Unfortunately there are some customers that just can not accept they are wrong and expect other people to bear the costs for there errors.. I am sorry but we are not one of those companies. We made an offer which was a non profit offer to enable the customer to rectify there error and they will not accept it.

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