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Interlink Express

2 deliveries, miserable service both times

Was given a delivery slot 1-2pm today. Cancelled my day to wait in for the delivery. At 13.15 I checked my emails to find an email saying my parcel could not be delivered as I was not in and there should be a card posted through the letterbox. I found the card and immediately phoned the nearest depot(Carmarthen ). I explained that I had been waiting here all day and that the driver ha obvoiuosly been here but didn't bother to knock on the door or ring the bell. Apparently he would have, so I guess I waited in for nothing and lied to him! I asked if he could contact the driver to come back, as he would have only been 10mins away. I was told that he can't contact the driver. (what kind of company is this!!) Now I have to cancel my day again tommorow to wait for it. Very, very poor service. I wouldn't have made the order if I knew first that it was to be delivered by interlink express. A few years ago I was expecting a delivery by 12. After 12, no parcel, but on the tracking it said delivered and signed by me. Obviously the driver was late. Several phone calls ensued and was fed a load of lies saying he had delivered. Anyway to cut a long story short the driver turned up several hours later with my parcel!!!! Both the driver and phone operator were complete liars, not too mention fraudulent.
Do not deal with this company. They shouldn't be in business. The Internet is a powerful tool, I would imagine they find themselves unstuck sometime in the near future. And no Bobby, I don't want to email you, I've heard enough lies thanks. I don't believe the 5 star reviews, i think they are fake to be honest, to bump up their miserable rating.

27 March 2013

Reply from Interlink Express

Hi Sy,

I'm sorry about the delay in receiving your parcel - I see that it was delivered today at around lunchtime; was everything okay?

I can assure you that we are not in the business of posting fake reviews - we're very transparent in the way we go about things and any reviews on here are from genuine customers.

Feel free to email if you need any assistance.

Kind regards,


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