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The Utility Warehouse

Don't believe everyting you hear!

I have recently left UW after several years (having been a a happy customer) - very 'cheesed off'.

Some of the customer service (like many companies) is good and some is bad.

I had problems with cash card (great idea) but just given run around, stupid answers etc - and I am paying for it on the 0845 #

Eventually after a few minor complaints I chose to leave them and got an alternative quote for gas and electricity based on the readings provided by UW. I took advantage of the 25% savings and guaranteed prices to 2014 and arranged to change. I was so surprised that I had been charged so much - I really believed they were great!

Since then - problem after problem. They continued to charge for GAS, said I hadn't cancelled (then they to admit they had etc later) . Now approx 3 months after my new supplier started to supply gas & electricity (at great savings) am still trying to get back the £490+ they owe me for services they charged for and did not provide.

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