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Too many processes, too little logic

I bought an upgrade from EE, been an orange customer for years. I paid £200 to upgrade and was told the phone would be with me in 2 weeks.

2 weeks later I check. The phone was shipped but never arrived, and it needs to go through their systems before they can process my refund. So to be clear here: They shipped it, it didn't even try and go out to my flat, but they still get to keep my money until it's processed.

I let that go, I pay for ANOTHER upgrade with the promise that the original upgrade price will be refunded in two weeks. That phone turns up. Hooray.

2 weeks later. No refund. I call up, they tell me they've processed it and that it will be with me in 2 weeks. (I don't remember why but basically, someone messed up).

2 weeks later. No refund. I call up, they tell me that it was on a suspended/temporary account, and they've moved it over, I can expect it in 3-5 working days.

7 days later, I call up, they tell me that no, it will be 14 working days.

They can't speed it up, it's all automated.

Surely automation is meant to speed things up? They've had £200 of my money, for over a month now and it will be another 2 before I see the money.

I would probably go with another network with worse coverage than use EE again. Why can they just keep my money, which I paid them for something I NEVER RECEIVED and refuse to return it because THEY MESSED UP?!


It's now March 3rd, it's been over 6 weeks, protably touching 7 weeks, and they still haven't paid me.

I spoke to someone in their complaints department / executive team, they told me it would be in my account in two days.

I called up 4 days later (today) and it wasn't in my account, but apparently it's 2 weeks, not 2 days. So they lied to me. AGAIN.

Girl on the phone couldn't do anything, except just send it off.

I have cancelled my direct debit and won't be paying them until they have returned my money. They are a farse of a company, do not use EE.



The worst delivery company I have every experienced

The facts, as that's all that matters:

1. I order a beanbag, my postcode is not registered yet so I also attach a note with directions that the seller confirmed they sent to DPD.
2. I get the text saying it's on it's way tomorrow so I took a day off work to receive.
3. They can't find my address and don't call (despite texting me earlier, weird)
4. I call up later, they "email the depo" and then nothing happens. I call again to rearrange delivery for saturday (I'm not staying in another day)
5. Saturday comes, they do finally come (after me calling up to explain things repeatedly), they have only delivered one parcel which was incredibly bashed up. The other THREE they said they tried to delivery the day before (when I was at work, hence saturday delivery) and so have sent back to the sender.
6. I call the sender, the other ONE parcel gets sent back out (no idea where they got three from)
7. I tried to call DPD. As they had no consignment number until the night before, I couldn't speak to a human.
8. This morning, they have again failed to find my address. I expect I might get this delivery again next week as they will try to redeliver tomorrow (I will tell them not to as I will be in work but hey that's life).


Terrible. Don't use them. Pay a 5 year old on his scooter to do it and it's more likely to arrive there on time in one piece.

16 April 2013

Reply from DPD UK

Hi Rich,

Sorry to hear about this. I have looked into this on our parcel tracking system, and I see that the driver has been asked to give you a call in order to get additional directions to locate your address. Hopefully, this will result in successful delivery.

Please contact if the issue persists, and I'll be happy to assist.

Kind regards,



Beds are great, everything else isn't.

I bought a bed, mattress, chest of drawers and bedside table from Bedworld. Not unreasonable. I even specifically chose my second choice for the furniture as my first choice was out of stock and I didn't fancy waiting.

Bed + Mattress arrived on time (ish, the day after I actually ordered them) but I won't complain too much about that. I slept on the sofa.

The bedside table and chest of drawers: 3 weeks on, several phone calls from me, zero communication from bedworld. Not here. I will get my delivery at some point next week, which is ideal. It's not like I need furniture in my bedroom. Floordrobes are cool...

I've had to call up bedworld myself, they never called me to explain that the items weren't in stock, despite their website saying they were. They never called to explain why it had been 3 weeks and nothing had happened. They assured me it would be this week yesterday. Today they told me next week.

Generally I was happy with their service, they're friendly and do try to help. Can't fault that.
The bed was good, the mattress was good no faults. Apart from a bit of a scratch on the corner of the bed.
The bedside table and chest of drawers haven't come yet. It's extremely frustrating. I have had no communication. I have had to chase and chase and chase. Like I said, the people I talk to are happy to help, there is just no process in place to keep people informed when something is going wrong.

I would recommend beds and mattresses. Dont bother with anything else. It'll probably turn up 4 weeks late with scratches on.

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27 March 2013

Reply from Bedworld

Dear Richard,
Please accept our sincere apologies for the delay in your furniture arriving. The items have been out of stock with the manufacturer, but have now arrived. We have just contacted them and they will be contacting you next week to arrange a convenient delivery date.
kind regards

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