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incompetent staff

I ordered two pairs of jeans and immediately when the bill came paid in full. Week after week I was sent letters to say I hadn't paid, eventually I rang only to be told I had to give them proof, I went to my bank and had them print off proof of payment thinking this would be the end of it, but no, further letters arrived saying I hadn't paid, again I rang and was told I hadn't sent proof. By now I was getting very angry, in the mean time they had the audacity to send me catalogues. I again went to my bank for a second print off of proof and posted it requesting a refund for payment, I was told they wouldn't pay as they had had to do a lot of detective work to find my payment blaming me for not saying who I was, when I sent them their letter back with my proof of payment. i will never shop with this company again and have told everyone I know about the abominable way in which I was treated.

Cult Pens

Excellent service

I ordered a pen from this firm and its boss just what I needed and you can get more tips its ideal for using as a mail polish corrector pen

Greased Lightning

does what it says on the bottle

it's brilliant, your car doesn't even have to be washed, it lasts ages anmd the rain just bounces off it

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Karen Sass
Female, 1960
Liverpool, United Kingdom