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Poor Customer Services, Unfair Service Fee and Payment Policy for Customers

My first experience with Airbnb, not a good one. To encourage customers to spend more, Airbnb scale their service fee from 6% - 12%, more you spend less service fee you pay. For hosts of properties, they need to pay 3% service fee to Airbnb on every booking.
I have my eye on a studio flat in Hong Kong for my summer vacation with my family. I was planning to stay for a month but the flat only available for the first 2 weeks and last week. At first I hesitated but at the end I decided to go for it. They treated my booking as 2 separated reservations charged me 10% for the first period of time and 12% for the 2nd period of time. I thought it was a mistake due to their system format and not to mention it was against what they committed to customer - spend more and pay less. Sent my inquiry and got negative response after a day, advised me to renegotiate with the host for a discount instead because he is paying 3% service charge (seems to me they are suggesting me to go get the host because he is paying lower service charge than I do?). Naturally, I was not satisfied with the reply, thought their response was slow, unprofessional and feel uncomfortable with their artificial 'nice' tone. Insisted it was a mistake they treated my booking as 2 separated reservations and charged me higher rate than I should be paying, stated my case one more time. Waited for 2 days, finally got a reply..., not only I didn't get any adjustment on my service fee but also without any explanation on how they justified their act. Is this the kind of service I paid for, absolutely not.
For the payment policy, my booking is almost US$2000, 3 months away from my stay and I have to pay upfront right when the time booking was confirmed. This is not a fair payment term for customer who are paying them 10/12% service charge.
It is a great platform for travelers and hosts of properties, but I don't think they treat customers in a genuine fair manner and customer service is not on point neither.

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