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Big Cup Little Cup

Pros and Cons

I was already perfectly happy with Nespresso and their pods, but they simply don't offer enough variety for me. So I was glad to find BCLC, who seemed to be well thought of in reviews and came across professionally from their website.

Having tried my first few pods now I've got mixed views on them as a long term viable alternative to genuine Nespresso. Obviously the price is good and on top of that my initial opinion is that the blends are high quality. Strangely it seems like the water comes out hotter with these pods than Nespresso's own, which is a good thing, but I guess I could be imagining that.

The down sides are quite considerable and have been mentioned by others, namely the packaging needs a lot of improvement (I'm sure that will come, given they're a new brand) but more worryingly my Nespresso machine's pump seems to need to work a lot harder to get the job done. The lungo pull takes a good while longer than with regular Nespresso pods, with the coffee coming out at a much slower trickle, and so far 50% of the pods I've used haven't ejected properly, leaving the Nespresso machine flashing its lights in protest! A quick couple of taps on the lungo button resolved the issue, but there certainly isn't full compatibility there yet and I have no idea if this is causing any damage to the machine.

So, overall I've been reasonably satisfied with my initial batch's flavour, but I'll need to live with them a while longer before deciding to buy again. And by that time Nespresso might have launched their new Vertuoline machine in the UK, with the redesigned pods, which will be an interesting development for both companies!

07 April 2014

Reply from Big Cup Little Cup

Hi Ian,

Thanks for your feedback, your opinion is so important to us! We are a very new company yes, and since the beginning it has been our priority to source the finest quality coffee beans from around the world and we take absolute pride in the genuine relationships we have with our farmers. All of our coffee is fairly traded and we're lucky enough to be working with 3 or Europe's Q Graders who visit the farmers 4 times a year.

We're working hard to perfect our packaging, and we're making a few tweaks that will make our coffee easier to store. The issue you're having with the capsules ejecting is not something we've experienced before, but if you drop us a line at hello@bigcuplittlecup.com with some more details and the machine you own, then we'll see if it's an issue we can solve.

Thanks again!


Unprofessional and Money Grabbing

I had a few games pre-ordered with Gameseek in the build up to the launch of Xbox One, most of which I had also pre-paid for as is Gameseek's way of doing things. I wasn't too fussed about this as the price was good and the games were due out in 4 weeks, so not too long a wait.
However last week I received an email from them advising me that due to limited stock they would need me to pay in advance for a game called Quantum Break for Xbox One, or my pre-order would be made available to other customers. Now this is a game that currently has no release date and might not come out for another 12 months or more, so I replied to the email explaining this and how I was unwilling to pay for a game so far in advance.
I heard nothing back for a few days until I checked my account today and found my pre-order cancelled. So I checked my emails and have had a reply this afternoon that huffily informs me "Not a problem. We've cancelled your order".
It seems to me a ridiculous way to run a company, cancelling genuine pre-orders from interested customers just because they won't pay for the goods potentially a year in advance.


Gaming Nirvana!

Simply Games have always been a reliable online presence for me and with the big names failing in their customer service obligations lately (GAME's delivery time is terrible and Amazon have whacked their prices up now that HMV and Play are gone) they're well placed to take a lot of my custom.

I ordered Bioshock Infinite and within a couple of days it had been despatched by first class post and arrived 2 days before release. Would've been with me a couple of days earlier even, but for the atrocious postal service in my area.

The icing on the cake was that the game dropped in price by a few quid after my copy had been despatched and, without having to be asked, Simply Games had reduced my invoice to the new lower price. A great, and hopefully long lasting, retailer!

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