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Jack of all games (UK)

Watch this company close !
I bought a Nikon D90 from the and paid for via paypal on Sun 28th Dec, confirmation email on Mon 29th confirms delivery 1-3 days.
Thu 2nd dec no goods so try to contact them by phone, dont bother they never answer !! 6 emails later a reply telling me another 4-5 days with no reason why, another 6-7 emails asking to why the delay, on answer, another 4 emails, no answer, then finaly on fri 3rd i get email telling me i will get delivery on Sat 4th/Mon 6th, so we are now 8 days into delivery, i asked for tracking number and after a fight i was finally givin it, a UPS tracking number, i did a trace only to find out the item was coming from France and not UK as stated in a confirmation email and from there website, the tracking also confirmed that it did not leave France untill Fri 3rd on a 3-5 day service, so yet again even more delay, i also done some digging into Jack of all games and spoke to a friend of mine who works for UPS to find out who sent the goods, to my amazment it is coming from PIXMANIA in France, yet another bunch of cowboys, doing even more digging i found out that Jack of all games is just a drop shipment company, they dont even have any stock to sell, they take you money straght away then look around for the product 10-15% below there selling price, it dont matter where it comes from, could be france, Japan, China, who knows, you may even get a fake !!!, the goods never go to them but get sent direct from there supplier to you, i have just got of the Phone the Nikon UK who advise me that the camera wont be covered by any UK warrentee so if it goes wrong i will have to pay for repair, JOAG are not bothered by this and advise if it does go wrong i have to send back to Pixmania myself.
so people beware what you buy from them as you have no idea where it will be coming from.
want more details pm me

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