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Most appalling customer service ever! Communication also non-existent. I ordered a Bed (mattress and frame) for delivery on a Saturday as I'm at work on weekdays. Due to a disability I hired a handyman to come to my home on that Saturday so he could assemble the flatpack bed frame for me. I paid for his services for nothing. The bedframe did not show up. That Saturday morning around 7 or 8am I got a call from a deliveryman asking if it was too early to deliver. I told him to come right away, as it would free up the rest of my day so I can leave the house to run important errands. True enough he showed up within minutes, but just with a mattress. He said another company has the bedframe and that he thinks it will be delivered later that day, but I should call Bedworld to confirm. I called Bedworld and a gentleman reassured me that the bedframe will arrive the same day. It did not arrive. I stupidly stayed at home all day until nighttime, worried I might miss the delivery if I pop out. I repeatedly called Bedworld and it kept going to voicemessage, so I left messages asking for an update as to why my bedframe has not been delivered. I also sent them an email asking that the frame be delivered on Sunday, as I cannot bear to sleep on a 2seater sofa for another whole week, especially as I suffer from health problems and can only take deliveries at weekends. I mentioned that the handy man was paid for nothing and so I will have to arrange or him or another one to come back, at extra cost o me. I thus asked for some compensation by way of a partial refund. Till date (26 March) I have never had a reply to my email.

The next day, a Sunday, I called Bedworld and left voice messages, but I guess they are closed on Sundays. I was out of my mind with worry, faced with the prospect of another week without a bed. In desperation, I stayed at home all day until late at night, hoping that the errant deliveryperson will bring my bedframe. They never did, the b@stards. (If I sound angry, it's because I am!).

So on Monday I again phoned bedworld and left voicemessages. Then either on Monday evening or sometime on Tuesday I got a call from Sharon from Bedworld, scolding me for missing my second attempted delivery. I let rip. First of all, there was NO first attempted delivery, and secondly how the heck was I supposed to know that the driver would try to deliver on a MONDAY, thirdly...DID I NOT BLO.ODY BOOK A SATURDAY DELIVERY BECAUSE THAT IS WHEN I AM AVAILABLE? Should I miss a days wages by waiting at home on a Monday for someone who had already cost me money on the handyman on Saturday?

Here is what REALLY made me see red. The lazy delivery driver probably decided to snuggle up in his warm bed and did not come to my area, but he lied that he had come down to my road but could not find my door number, so he drove off. This pathetic excuse might be plausible perhaps in 1950. In the 1980's, people would ask these few questions "Did you not have a London A-Z map or similar with you? Surely as a delivery driver this should be standard, nay, ESSENTIAL kit? Could you not go to the nearest payphone to call the customer or Bedworld to say that you need assistance finding the address because you are a brain dead imbecile who has NO business getting behind the wheels to make deliveries?"

But alas, we are in 2013, ladies and gentlemen. A time when delivery drivers not only have mobile phones, but they have...drumrolls please...SAT NAV, ipads, googlemaps, etc. Heck, if he was so technologically challenged, how about getting a passerby to tell you which part of the Road to look for my house number?

Attempted Saturday delivery, my ar.se! Complete nonsense. Utter fabrication. I was enraged when Sharon proceeded to lament that because the ape of a driver had attempted not one, but TWO unsuccessful deliveries, then he had returned the frame to the depot. A new delivery will have to be arranged. Sharon asked if my address really existed, so I asked Sharon "How come the first dliveryman found my address, no problem? Check Royalmail or Googlemaps. It's right there". When I asked why the driver made no attempt to contact me OR Bedworld (as they would have informed me of the failed dlivery when I called them on Saturday), Sharon gave the lame excuse that the drivers don't carry phones with them. I think she mistook 'brains' for 'phones'. So I asked Sharon "How come the first deliveryman had my phonenumber and was able to call me to ask if he could deliver at the crack of dawn?". She got upset, apparently because I was so angry. Tough tit.ies. Nobody can get away with such appalling excuses. In this day and age, you're telling me that a deliverydriver will head out into the great unknown, on a cold snowy day, without a company or personal mobile phone for safety reasons like if he got caught up in an accident. Oh, and even if he did not have a phone, can the lazy tw.at not drive up to a phonebooth to call the depot or Bedworld or me, to seek assistance?! What kind of dunce cannot find my address anyway?

I call shenanigans!

I told Sharon I did not get a response to my written complaint. She said it's nothing to do with her, but a matter for Customer Service (and I use the word 'service' lightly).

Anyway, this past Saturday a MIRACLE happened!! Bedworld were able to deliver the bedframe without 1.) Needing to "phone a friend" or 2.) using an alternative delivery address for me. The driver just showed up, to the same address that exactly a week ago, a whole team of lying logistics expert could not find.

So yesterday I called Bedworld to enquire about the status of my written complaint. It went to the voicemail of whichever non-existent Customer "Service" Representative handles calls to 01977669683. I've left two voicemessages but has anyone called me back yet? Is the Moon black? That's the correct answer.

I am going to open a dispute case with paypal and demand my money back. I paid for a service and all I got was a headache, lost earnings, and a painful sore back from sleeping on the sofa for another week.

The delivery service, customer "service", communication to customers, communication between Bedworld team gets a big fat zero rating from me. They all suck.


27 March 2013

Reply from Bedworld

Dear Customer,
Please accept our sincere apologies for your bed arriving late. Unfortunately on the day of delivery the driver could not find your property. Sharon spoke to you on the Monday and asked for further instructions for the driver and you couldn't give her any. Sharon tried and tried to help you in every way she could. We at Bedworld.net try to make all our customers happy with their purchases. Unfortunately in this case, the delivery company weren't able to find your property easily and required further instructions.
We cannot apologise enough for any inconvenience caused regarding your order.
Kind regards

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